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Yu-Gi-Oh! Top 5 Cards from Eternity Code! | Tempat melihat kiat-kiat yang berguna.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Top 5 Cards from Eternity Code!
Yu-Gi-Oh! Top 5 Cards from Eternity Code!

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Eternity Code, the newest Yu-Gi-Oh! set, is right around the corner (for Europe)! In this video, I cover my Top 5 Cards from Eternity Code! Subscribe & check back …. Semoga pengetahuan yang kami berikan tentang konten kode yugioh akan Berguna untuk Anda. Terima kasih banyak.

Penelusuran Topik Yu-Gi-Oh! Top 5 Cards from Eternity Code!.

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  1. I was reading through the commons i pulled from the set and came across magical hound. It's a earth machine lv1 tuner that bounces a face-up spell or trap your opponent controls and special summons itself. I think it can be a nice tech card that has the possibility to out a floodgate and go into nat beast if you have an earth lv4

  2. Your dedication to bringing the highest quality Yu-Gi-Oh content is appreciated. My life isn’t in its happiest state to enjoy things like hobbies at the moment, but I’m thankful your blessing those who are at rest. I pray above all that your family thrives

  3. Splash mage is good too
    Normal dotscaper
    Use It to summon linkuriboh
    Dotscaper special summons itself
    Use it for almaraj or link disciple
    Link into splash mage, her effect lets you summon a cyberse from the grave
    Summon dotscaper
    Link Summon transcode talker
    Use it’s effect to resurrect any link monster
    Link into accesscode
    Go +4

  4. All I'm gonna say is once I get this card ppl ready won't be liking my element saber invoked at all because I can change the elements of my sabers in the grave giving me so many pops

  5. Cimo: Number 1 card from ETCO! And if you haven’t already figured it out, it’s…
    Me: Uh…starlight rare Effect Veiler?
    Cimo: Accesscode Talker.
    Me: Oh yeah. 😅

  6. How much a patreon would need to pay so cimooooo has to watch at least 1 episode of the anime (the episdoes from which broken cards like Accescode talker made its debut)?

  7. Kinda funny how somehow all of yusaku's Ace monsters (Firewall Dragon, Linkuriboh, Decode Talker) WITH the exception of Cyberse Clock Dragon got to appear in Meta competitive play

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