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WiFi VS Hotspot | Do You Need a Personal Hotspot?? | Budaya di Indonesia

Anda sedang mencari topik WiFi VS Hotspot kan? akan memperkenalkan Anda pada topik wifi hotspot di artikel berikut. Lihat artikel ini sekarang.

WiFi VS Hotspot | Do You Need a Personal Hotspot?? | Kumpulan kiat dan trik bermanfaat.

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Gambar yang berhubungan dengan wifi hotspot disediakan gratis oleh Torajalutaresort.

WiFi VS Hotspot | Do You Need a Personal Hotspot??
WiFi VS Hotspot | Do You Need a Personal Hotspot??

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today we’re talking personal mobile hotspots… what are hotspots? how do they work? do you need a personal hotspot? How much hotspot data do you need?? all those questions and more answered in this video!

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1:00 | What is a Hotspot + How does it work?
2:10 | Do I Need a Hotspot?
3:30 | What are Hotspot Speeds?
5:20 | How Much Data do Hotspots Use?
7:40 | How Big Should my Hotspot Be?
9:00 | WiFi VS Hotspot Laptop Speed Test
12:13 | WiFi VS Hotspot Smart TV Speed Test.

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  1. What about if you don’t have WiFi at home and you have a phone I try to get it to connect my laptop but the laptop is not working good! It said I needed a update because it has windows 7 on it

  2. you can use ubs tethering and blu tooth to piggy back off your 4gs network its basically the same sort of thing all you need is an unlimited data plan like i have with Vergin mobile you just need a ubs socket and your charger wire your fine until your being called by someone

  3. 16:10 it doesn't have any buffering, no lags, it is streaming perfectly fine, just maybe not as clear as it could be..
    16:40 Hulu app: multiple connection errors
    Does it mean it will eat away whole monthly data allowance in 30 seconds? :D

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