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Why China Loves KFC | Informasi tentang restoran terbaik

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Why China Loves KFC | Review tentang restoran terbaik

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Why China Loves KFC
Why China Loves KFC

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KFC sangat populer di China — menghasilkan hampir 5 miliar dolar pada tahun 2017. Salah satu rantai makanan cepat saji Amerika pertama yang dibuka di China, KFC dengan cepat ….

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  1. Maybe china mistook KFC as Kentucky fried cockroach when they opened thier doors and after having fried chicken realised chicken is million times better than bats and other insects they eat.

  2. If you have been traveling around the world and trying KFCs, you may find that KFC in the US is the least preferred compared to KFC outside the US.

  3. The Chinese in general love chicken; Wal-Mart opened up, featuring a giant rotisserie and the customers queue up waiting for each run as they are about done. As to KFC, its high pressure cooking and spice combination has still not been matched anywhere. Anybody can make their competitors chicken at home (I do), but KFC's product is unique and the Chinese recognize that too…

  4. Lol I live here, how is it a luxury when people just come and go. Also there are different restaurants which have different stuff, some have special time where students can study INSIDE KFC, how cool is that?

  5. KFC is so salty. The only reason its so good is the same reason its unhealthy. If you eat it once in a while as a special treat, then its ok.

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