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Stranger Things, season 3:Full Soundtrack | Situs web ini menawarkan yang terbaru terbaru.

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Stranger Things, season 3:Full Soundtrack

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  1. (: Tracklist :)

    1)0:00 Boys and Girls

    2)1:55 I Like Presents Too

    3)3:20 Starcourt

    4)6:26 Blank Makes You Crazy

    5)7:33 I Need You to Trust Me

    6)8:55 You're a Fighter

    7)13:14 The Ceiling is Beautiful

    8)16:05 The First I Love You

    9)18:32 Rats

    10)23: 09 What Did You Do To Him?

    11)25:15 Find the Source

    12)26:33 The Silver Cat Feeds

    13)27:45 Heather's

    14)29:24 William

    15)31:35 Destroying the Castle

    16)33:23 In the Void

    17)34:53 Tammy

    18)37:54 Mirkwood

    19)40:32 Portal Drill

    20)42:20 Happy Screams

    21)43:45 Ruins

    22)45:48 It's Just Ice

    23)49:48 The Door Is Opening

    24)51:08 Planck's Constant

    25)52:27 She's Gone Home

    26)53:06 Seven Feet

    27)55:01 The Week Is Long

    28)57:11 Sauna Test

    29)58:11 Six Facts

    30)1:00:15 The Trees Are Moving

    31)1:01:31 On Their Tracks

    32)1:02:13 Not Chinese Food

    33)1:04:02 Blueprints

    34)1:06:13 Land Deeds

    35)1:07:22 Not Kids Anymore

    36)1:08:14 Code Red

    37)1:10:18 Feel Safe

    38)1:12:36 He's Here

    39)1:15:12 Scoop's Troop

    40)1:16:57 We Don't Understand Each Other

    41)1:19:45 Aftermath

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