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Stranger Things Season 3 REVIEW (SPOILERS)
Stranger Things Season 3 REVIEW (SPOILERS)

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stranger things season 3 review

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  1. Ha! Hopper's fighting skills were off the chart. He took out a highly trained Russian spy who was much fitter than him and probably also younger. RIP Alexie. You deserved so much better. Of all the characters I'm actually most worried about Max. Her family doesn't seem functional enough to survive the death of a child intact, not that many are.

  2. Earlier will said when Nancy and jonathon we’re together gross and then Joyce said u won’t think it’s gross when u fall in love
    And he said

  3. I was wondering if you know If season 4 will be the last or not i haven't seen or heard anything about this being the last season and i know you would know more about than me lol but just wanted to let you know that i love your videos stranger things is my all time favorite show ever and you do a really good job and your knowledge about the show is super helpful for someone like me lol so keep doing what your doing always got a thumbs up from me

  4. What I need in S4 is for Will to be happy and someone to play D&D with this pure boy! I also need El & Will to be brother and sister I feel like that’ll happen through out S4. I’ve definitely got some good theories!

  5. Even with the pause, it may not have been a confirmation. (It's ok if it is, of course) One of the major themes this season is how the characters are growing up and growing apart. His "not liking girls" may just be the normal pre-puberty mindset most boys and girls have, which is they just aren't interested in each other like that yet. So the rift between them may be just that the older one has left the younger one behind (in interests/priorities) because he is already reached that point. Even small differences in age are magnified when you're young. Even one year apart seems huge, especially with the puberty divide. This all falls in line with the theme of growing up and apart. That's one of the great things about this show is the care with which all the characters are written. Maybe you are right. Either way is fine, I just think it's still too early to tell for sure yet. Thanks for a great review! And happy birthday! Keep celebrating!

  6. Hopper's "death" was a clever move by the producers. When David Harbour was cast as Hellboy, they couldn't be sure if his movie career was gonna take off or not, so they put themselves in a position to write him out of the show if they had to or bring him back if he decided to come back for season 4. Since Hellboy was a complete flop, I think it's a safe bet that Hopper will most certainly be back.

  7. L and the byers family said their gonna visit hawkins again on thanksgiving me personally i didnt like the byers storyline too much or the russian plot but everything else was amazing

  8. I don't think Will being gay was confirmed at all. I read the moment of Mike saying "It's not my fault you don't like girls" much more as Will being a late bloomer. It hurts to basically be told "You're the last one left on the kiddie train, and that's that". If he were gay, I wouldn't expect him to be destroying Castle Byers, ripping up the Ghostbusters pic and "Will the Wise". Those symbolize childhood, and I think it really sunk in at that moment that that part of his life is over. When all my girl friends began having an interest in boys, I wasn't going to my room crying about them no longer wanting to play board games. I either played along in their conversation, or just had nothing to add. I never and would never say "Let's play games and not talk about boys!" I was more likely to be staring at yearbook pictures of the girls I had crushes on at the time. I'm not saying he couldn't possibly be repressing same-sex attraction. But I think it makes more sense that he simply doesn't have sexual/romantic interests yet..and he may never.

  9. YASS!!!! somebody else picked up on Mikes and Wills conversation. My jaw dropped when he told Will "not my fault that you don't like girls."
    But I don't believe Hopper is dead he might survived and could be trapped in the Upside Down or in Russia..

  10. Great review Emily. I disagree about the point with Will and Mike exchanging that equip about girls. I didn't interpret as a literal statement but more as a quip from Mike to Will about how he's not growing up alongside Mike and more sticking to his youth and not moving on from childhood. I thought it was more of a coming of age type of quip.

  11. What if the American in that cell is eleven’s brother 009 think about his powers would be different so he wouldn’t be able to get out the way el could or he could be drugged therefore suppressing his powers.

  12. Season 4 won't come out until Christmas 2021!!!! Yuck. Spit. They can shoot this winter. I hope.
    I very much feel the same way about the Byers and Will especially. They could do something great with his story line. Hope they do.

  13. Happy birthday Emily , I agree I love this season so much, it’s was so amazing that you can see the whole crew go on a adventure together fighting evil, it made me smile so much. I care about all the characters in this show. I cried when billy and hopper died 😪😪😪

  14. okay season. like it was entertaining but we didn't got much progress in the core story like what's really up with the upside down and stuff. so in conclusion the second season of Netflix Original DARK was much better

  15. I’m just going to vent on this comment cause Stranger things legit got me in my feelings with Robbin and Steve cause that literally happened to me and hurt so bad. The show had them connect gain chemistry and had everything perfectly build up to them being together and then she’s Lesbian, and that shit happened to me in high school. I literally had the biggest crush on this girl I’ve ever had since I first saw her, amplified as I got to know her, I sat next to her the whole year, I walked her to classes and lunch and would share pizza with her, text her, hung out a few times outside of school, with small moments of alone time. We both thought astrology was interesting, our signs were a perfect match btw, liked the same music, both watched US women’s soccer which how many guys really watched women’s soccer. We both played soccer, which Stranger things played with my emotions there in episode 8 when she said she played soccer I had to pause it and play Marvin’s room and shed a little tears 😭. She talked to me about the uncomfortableness of her periods, and literally was at least 95% of my thoughts for almost a while year, and she wasn’t interested in being more than friends, and then a few years later after high school she comes out as Lesbian. To clarify I’m not mad at her for being Lesbian I want her to be happy, but on the real I wanted her happy with me, why’d God or the Universe had to have me fall for this girl so quickly and so hard when she was Lesbian all along, and our chemistry grew she felt interested. Had me hurting strong for a whole year (and lowkey ever since) we got a song which will be unnamed that always gets me in my feelings instantly. So yeah Stranger things legit almost identically recreated this whole storyline of chemistry building to then have the crushing truth of her being Lesbian which isn’t a temporary rejection which can change but a forever no 😭😭😭 they played with me so bad had to relive it a bit. I’m literally the only person I know that’s been through that.

  16. IMHO it was the strongest season so far, and got their organically through the quality of the characters. It had probably the most HEART (which is by far the biggest strength of this show – and if people don't see that then the show is possibly not for them) and certainly paid off things set up in prior seasons – Billy "planting" his feet and "drawing the charge" (did anyone else get that?)

    The music was great, the Dustin duet was simply glorious (and people complaining about the tone-shift… errr, that's the POINT!) The show is not simply a love-letter to 80s cinematic nostalgia, its setting IS that 80s universe's version of childhood, and childhood in general.

    Billy is redeemed through HIS memory of childhood, breaking his ugly interpretation of what it means to be an adult man (as instilled by his father). 80s genre movies were always about the kids succeeding where the adults could not BECAUSE of their different view of the world – and THAT is the setting of this series's universe.

    Just like Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy beating the ohhhh-so-serious "adult" Ronan with a dance-off, it's not about clever narrative devices or WTF plot twists or gritty bleakness that infects so much of modern TV, it's about that ability to experience joy and other deep emotions (think of Hop's letter at the end) that's important.

    And they captured it :)

  17. Wow, some people are so emotional about television shows and movies. I have yet to sob, cry, or be depressed by a tv show or a movie, but hey, maybe it's just me. But all in all, i think it was a good season of the show, i'd put it slightly behind season 1, also, I wish Will would have gotten a girlfriend as well, i mean, this whole gay thing is being pushed on us so much now, that it's kind of getting annoying, not knocking anyone who lives that lifestyle, but does every show, commercial or movie now a days have to make a point of having a gay couple? Other than that, looking forward to season 4.

  18. I do believe that's Hopper behind the door in the Russian base. My theory is he escaped into the upside down and when the Russians open the gate in their Russian base, that's where he gets captured.

  19. I was supremely disappointed in this season. At times it felt like a different show, and a lot of the characters felt terribly out of character. There was too much focus on world building, action and being funny than any of the emotional stuff we had in the past and keeping the main group apart the whole time and focusing so much on minor characters made the show suffer imo. Mike, who was so worried about Will last season and cared so much was basically “see ya bro” now that he got a girl, and the show did everything it could to totally downplay their friendship which was total whiplash. Mike generally seemed to be not the Mike we knew. He was a straight up brat at times and him and Eleven were…annoying. Messy. The show almost seemed to want to make us believe that they are not good for each other. And mike didn’t even seem to remember saying he loved her. He looked genuinely confused wtf? Joyce and Hopper were too snippy with each other, which was supposed to be sexual tension but just fell flat. Will had no purpose at all and little to do while they focused too much time on the scoop troup and other supporting characters like Murray and even the Russians. And don’t get me started on the Russians. Weren’t the Americans bad enough? Why bring them in? How did they know about the gate? And why? So many dangling threads and plot holes. And the terminator like bad guy was annoying. Speaking of dangling threads, we got Will having his ONLY big scene this year, a fight with Mike and tearing down his castle, which had basically no resolution or pay off. Also Will has been gay coded for three seasons now and who comes out? A totally new character……like…….ok. And I liked Robin a lot but? Why should we care? Why should we have any emotional connection to this moment? It wasn’t earned. Will coming out would have at least been earned. Feels like a total cop out and a lazy attempt to play the “Hey we have representation eh eh” card. I think the Duffers need to seriously trim down their cast, quit world building and learn to focus on the original ones we know and love, cause they don’t seem to know how to give them meaningful story arcs and it shows. I feel like the show has gotten SO popular they decided to dumb it down in many ways for maximum mass appeal. The first season was perfection. The second was great. This? On the surface it was entertaining. Visually masterful and made me laugh and I did enjoy a lot of it. But a lot of it was sloppy and lazy and generic. I loved the show about a gang of nerd friends and this series focused on everything but them. At times they didn’t even seem like friends at all. Like I said before, it wasn’t bad, but it also felt like a totally different show.

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