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Stranger Things Season 2 Review! (SPOILERS)
Stranger Things Season 2 Review! (SPOILERS)

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Apakah Stranger Things Musim 2 sesuai dengan Musim 1? Chastity, Greg, dan Mike membahas suka dan duka Musim 2 – dari karakter terbaik hingga episode terburuk hingga prediksi mereka untuk Musim 3. (Peringatan – SPOILER untuk semua Hal Asing 2!) Tautan Hadiah Hal Asing: Berlangganan ke GameSpot Semesta! Ikuti Kami – Sukai Kami – .. Semoga pengetahuan yang kami berikan tentang topic stranger things season 2 akan Valid untuk Anda. Terima kasih banyak.

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  1. The odd episode out is fine, it served to expand the universe and to expand Eleven´s character. I did not like the freaky gang, but it served a purpose plus it is a milestone for the show to expand the story beyond Hawkins.

  2. Has anyone else noticed there’s something going on with the election, because whenever there’s something about the presidents, they try their best to focus on it

  3. I feel without that episode with Kali, El would’ve never been able to close the gate. Kali is the one who really brought out El’s powers, so I think if we never had that episode El probably wouldn’t have been able to close the gate.

  4. In my theory, just as we can't find connections with 008 and her crew, Eleven probably feel the same way which contributes to her leaving them. Also, Eleven needs to go on a journey to help her evolve before she becomes strong enough to face the monster head-on in the end. So I think 008 played just that role by design.

  5. Would like to see Mike and Nancy's dad actually be the man he likely is, but they never see (as kids almost never do)  Perhaps he is a Vietnam vet who is burned out at work, and when he is finally pulled in, shows them a completely different side.  After all, the kids didn't get to be the way they are (brave, willing to take action, and for Nancy, go with guns) without someone (and it wasn't their mom) showing something.  Be a great twist and show the truth that what appears to kids to be a goofy dad is actually a real man when he is in full form and defending wghat he cares about.

  6. Why nobody talks about Mike? He has maybe the most emotional and nostalgic moments in this season. Particulary when El comes back and starts to yell at Hopper and ends up crying. Holy shit, Finn Wolfhard rocks

  7. I think you're missing that Bob's death wasn't meant to "raise the stakes". It was meant as a driving force solidifying his character giving him a chance to shine and driving Joyce forward

  8. I think that mama terry send Eleven to kali because when eleven was going to close the portal she couldn’t do it st first but then she remember what kali told her to think of something that made her angry and it worked so if mama terry hadn’t talk to eleven maybe she never closed the portal

  9. In my opninion Maxine was way better than Bob. I just dont like that she got no development. Then again there was much going on that she probably wont get much til S3.

  10. I loved Mad About You! That Farrah Fawcett spray was probably not ozone-friendly :D

    Having been a teen in the mid-80s: there was Spencers, but no Hot Topic. There were not nearly as many good hair gels and mousses in 1984; hardcore punks were using Elmer's Glue (IIRC). (One of my high school classmates had liberty spikes.) And it wasn't KFC yet. You had to say that whole damned thing: Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    Thought the pop music choices were overall good ones (Icicle Works, etc.), but, as much as I love Duran Duran's Girls on Film, there's no way that would have been playing at the cool kids' party in 1984.

    As for Billy–he was totally being a racist dick, but I think there's a hint of redemption shining through. You can see it when he gives Steve the pointer about planting his feet more solidly. I liked Max, thought she fit in well with the boys–but I hate that they had to pit her and Eleven against each other over a boy. (Sorry for all the edits; I kept thinking of new things to say.)

  11. Best new character? Bob? Exclusively?… Ok, I loved Bob and I agree he is a great character.. But Mad Max was also a great character and there is so much to explore in her role. The way eleven decided to handle the introduction was not good. Mad Max ended up getting the short end of the stick in many situations. I like her role and she was right up there as far as good new characters in Season 2.

  12. I hate the idea of more "Elevens". It seems logical that with these kinds of projects, most of them will be unsuccessful. When Eleven escaped, there was people looking for her all over, the guy running the fast food joint even got shot even though he didn't suspect nothing. If there are ten other kids that just "escaped" and are out there, I think it will look too far-fetched and silly to me. Like they hadn't planned a next season, but after it's popularity, they had to come up with something. It is no different that Lilo and Stitch, which suddenly had 625 other "cousins".

  13. I’m still pretty sure Dr. Owens is a bad guy, still don’t trust him. Also unpopular opinion I really didn’t like Bob. I just felt he tried to hard….idk. I thought Billy was a serial killer who kidnapped Max

  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was confused about Max and Billy. Up until halfway through the season, I assumed that they were spies – possibly working for the Russians – who were assigned to Hawkins to learn more about the lab and/or the people affected by it.

  15. As much as you bag on it, I feel the whole Kali episode was essential, if El hadn't gone she would never have know how to use her anger to augment her power. If she hadn't been able to do that the gate would still be open and the town would still be in danger

  16. Max doesn't have personality? How? From the very beginning strangers things demonstrates she's a skateboard riding, high score defeating bad ass. That tough exterior has a lot to do with how aggressive her brother is to her, which in turn has to do with how abusive her father is to her brother. If this is a 3 dimensional character to you then why aren't you hating on the ally doctor at hawkings lab, whom you like and is yet just a well meaning doctor working at a bad institution?

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