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SPYTRAC TEL TUTORIAL VIDEO 2 | Pengetahuan tentang budaya

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SPYTRAC TEL TUTORIAL VIDEO 2 | Kumpulan kiat dan trik bermanfaat.

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Everything in the world is now revolving around smart intelligence, otherwise known as artificial intelligence. Why carry a log of books around when as a fleet manager you can deploy a solution that can autonomously track your fleet records. We call this a ‘smart-city intelligent mobility solution’. The new and improved SPYTRAC-TEL telematics software provides you with the following features listed below:
• Live-tracking
• Trip replay and reporting
• Real-time tracking
• Geofencing
• Vehicle demobilization
• Vehicle maintenance report
• Driver management module
• Complete fleet statistics dashboard
• Cloud-based real-time database
• Share real-time objects at a single click
• Find the shortest route.
• Easy report scheduling
• Download report in a different format
• Dynamic time-frame selection
• Textual analytics with graphical representation
• Download in textual or graphical form.
• 50+ alerts are supported
• Supports 600+ GPS device models.
• Supports multiple languages

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You like to know more about SPYTRAC-TEL? Why not also come onboard to experience safety through this newly integrated Telematics & Artificial Intelligence solution.

Visit for more info..

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