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One Piece Chapter 943 Afterthoughts!
One Piece Chapter 943 Afterthoughts!

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  1. Chapter 943 Afterthoughts Afterthoughts

    I wanted to expand upon some interesting things you said- mentioned in the video.This is gonna be LOONG so if you don't have time, ignore it

    I think these two panels might make you appreciate the last page even more.
    The senpais did it first:

    19:48: Believe it or not, this might be a callback to Syrup Village
    Here's an idea.
    What if Law or Chopper discover a hidden ingredient in the toad oil and that manage to create a cure for the Ebisu people. In Punk Hazard, Chopper and Law studied the drugs that were described in Caesar's books…if i remember correctly Chopper stole one of those books and its still in his possession. So maybe thats how he finds a cure. Or maybe Vegapunk comes to Wano and finds a cure you knows…everything is possible at this point tbh

    24:12 Its not just the symbol on the clothes…Yasu's last name is Shimotsuki…Zoro's hometown is called Shimotsuki Village…Furthermore, Yasu was the daimyo of the region of Hakumai, which had/has the only port in Wano…Oda said in the latest SBS that some decades ago a ship left Wano and ended up in the East Blue.The descendant of those passengers is someone we know very well

    I personally think it's Kiku…I even made a little theory about this in Oro Jackson, so if you want you can check it out:
    One crucial thing i didn't mention in the theory is the fact that we've already seen Izo as a kid.
    Of course, the character in chapter 943 looks older than Izo here but since there seems to a consistent pattern or tradition when it comes to the Wano boys’ dressing code (like Momonosuke and the school kids in the flower capital), especially when it comes to the hairstyle.I think this is a pretty obvious clue but we'll have to see
    And if im wrong then i'm wrong…i’ll just stick with watching videos i guess XD

    There is a theory going around that Kyoshiro is the Witching Hour Boy because of a very subtle hint Oda gave in chapter 941, when Brook told Komurasaki about the execution of the Witching Hour Boy. In that moment, Brook doesn't reveal who the one on the cross is, but Komurasaki is still surprised to hear that. I don't believe Kyoshiro is the Witching Hour Boy but i do believe all three of them work together.
    To me, this example is one of the reasons for why i believe Oda is one of the best storytellers out there. Of course, his incomparable skill at long term storytelling and his ability to make foreshadowings spanning hundreds of chapters is simply amazing but to me its these little details right here that truly show his love and passion in writing stories. Not only is he a god of foreshadowing but also a master in utilizing double meanings/redherrings in dialogue to convey information and subvert our expectations (Another example of that would the breath of all things and the ability to cut all and nothing).

    It’s very simple…He knows the importance of having a good outline for your story as a whole, and for story and character arcs in specific. As you might know, before and during serialization or publication, authors are required to submit outlines of their story and present key events that will transpire in said story. This process is integral when you want organize your writing and keep everything in track. It's especially critical when it comes to long running series (even more so in manga that can last for decades). Oda has said before that when he comes up with a character he thinks about their entire history and connection to the story.The fact that he can do that with so many chaeacters is truly impresive. That confidence in writing is very evident with very important characters like Doflamingo (I’ll talk about Doflamingo later on because i think he is a primary example of that approach).

    That’s something i’ve always admired about Oda. He’s able to fully immerse himself into his stories and always makes it his top priority to draw what feels natural to him.However, that doesn’t distract him from his vision. He is a mature artist and a professional writer who always looks at the bigger picture and aims to go beyond his and the readers’ expectations. He will never reveal or hint at something, unless he thinks its natural to do so, at any given moment. He can give a subtle hint with huge implications in one panel and follow up with an emotional or epic moment in the next panel

    It’s not about planning and calculating everything to the most specific detail. Writing stories, especially long running, goes beyond just critical thinking and maths.It’s all about the writer’s intuition. It’s a gift that most people misinterpret as genius because it can’t be reasoned with.
    Some artists call it an instinct, others a message from God.
    Writers decide whether they want to trust that feeling or not.
    When rely on instinct, you open yourself to a whole slew of risks.This is something all writers have to deal with but not many succeed in.
    If you read some of Togashi’s interviews, especially when talks about deciding which character to kill and which one to keep alive, you’ll get what i mean.I recommend reading his interview with Kishimoto and the one with Oda.

    Think about it…what do all those points/moments have in common?
    Oda knew who the character Doflamingo was ever since his first introduction in Jaya. (Remember our conversation on twitter when we talked about haki and the warlords…i think the main reason he decided to create the warlords was Doflamingo…he is so important to the story and has so many connections to the WG, the NW and the yonko)
    When we first see him in chapter 233, what is the first thing we are meant to take as information?

    -His name
    “Donquixote Doflamingo”
    Donquixote is a classic spanish book. Just a quick read through the premise and the characters of the story and you can see the inspiration and the references (for example, Donquixote, the protagonist had a horse named Rocinante)

    -His appearance and his personality
    His demeanor, eccentric design and somewhat arrogant way of walking gives us the impression of a spoiled rich boy who feels superior to everyone else.(I like the consistency Oda keeps in Doflamingo’s flashback. As a child, he had the same demeanor and the same feeling to him)
    •He likes manipulating people and get in their heads.

    -His title and connections

    •He is a warlord with a huge bounty (at that point) who knows a lot of people and how they operate.

    •He has a successful business in the works at a certain island (makes you think)

    •When Whitebeard is introduced, we see Doflamingo’s symbol on his medical equipment (in the top left).
    Meaning he was involved with trade and since Whitebeard is a criminal, he probably got it from the black market.
    A symbol with a huge smile (hmm?)

    •After Skypiea, Doflamingo talks about the new age that is about to begin
    Two pages prior, he says that Bellamy's actions are a disgrace to his flag.Notice how Bellamy’s flag is identical to Doflamingo’s but with a semi X sign indicating that it's not a smiling face but a sad face.
    That's a bit of a reach tho i know so lets ignore it
    And of course everything that followed in Sabaody and beyond
    He was able to connect Doflamingo with all these plot threads because he managed to outline his character arc as a whole from the very start. THE END

    Again sorry for the long ass essay but i just love doing analyses and in depth discussions

  2. Perhaps Zoro will be the one to inspire all the samurai and Sanji will be one to inspire all the ninja! That's kinda how that panel and there two fighting styles would be presented to the people of Wano.

  3. Rumor has it that the King is still wearing the Santa hat at this very moment. Thanks for the afterthoughts bro. This chapter felt unreal while I was reading it. Definitely deserved some extra attention. Even with such a tense ending, I can't help but think of the comedy that'll come from a Sanji and Zoro reunion.

  4. :insertChoppervoice: Your shout out doesn't make me happy at all, you jerk!!! hahah. Love to make you feel hyped for Hiyori, I always admire your passion for OP! Keep it up!!

  5. I love you oda, this chapter encapsulates everything I love about one piece the lore, the emotion you feel from the mask these people are force to wear to toko trying to help her dead dad. It was great that this whole thing was first saw from punk hazard all the way to know with the smile fruit. This is why I love one piece such a amazing way to tie up the smile arc and seeing what we all thought about the fruits since last chapter. And how can we not forget Sangoro and Zorojuro, can't wait to see what happen in next week chapter it going to be epic and I bet there will be a twist.

  6. Another detail that we didn't notice was when Jack attacked the minks, the pleasures were being electrocuted by the minks and they were LAUGHING!!!!

  7. Usually, when I'm reading a chapter I have my THREE donuts and a some milk with me. I always finish them before the 9/10th page. This is my merianda !!
    .. I was so mad and angry at Orochi, I only ate TWO !!

  8. Your ramblings put my thoughts to words on this chapter in such an entertaining way. This truly is one of the greatest and most satisfying chapters of Wano and the series as a whole.

  9. Yooooo lets go 🙏

    Dude listening to your thoughts opens my mind up so much. Here’s something I just thought of. So we see a skull on Zoro’s shirt and a gravestone with 944 on it. And last chapter we see Hawkins. What if the skull is gonna be something to do with Hawkins predictions specifically his ability to see death marks on others.

    I don’t see zoro dying but there’s a great chance that Hawkins sees a death mark on zoro which we can assume will be wrong because these things are upto chance.

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