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Next-Gen Intel NUC 11 Pro Review (NUC11TNKi5) | Berita tentang budaya

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Next-Gen Intel NUC 11 Pro Review (NUC11TNKi5) | Kiat berguna.

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Next-Gen Intel NUC 11 Pro Review (NUC11TNKi5)
Next-Gen Intel NUC 11 Pro Review (NUC11TNKi5)

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We check out Intel’s latest NUC. This small 112mm x 117mm NUC codenamed “Tiger Canyon” has a 10nm Tiger Lake SuperFin Core i5-1135G7 CPU, supports 64GB of memory, has PCIe Gen4, USB 4, Thunderbolt 4, and Iris Xe graphics. We compare this new NUC to the ~1L PC market that we have been covering as part of Project TinyMiniMicro.

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  1. Intel does not offer 11th generation NUCs in poor Europe!!! Only in probably richer Asia. Only NUC Enthusiast is offered right now. Why are HDMI ports turned upside down by Intel NUC designers? Luckily USB-Ports were not turned upside down here, as in ASROCK mini PC… The engineers do have the wish to do it right, but the financial controller restricts them for saving some money, I guess… It really sucks, that Intel did not offer modern GaN PD power supplies. Without PD, would have been acceptable, but GaN is essential today. Wrong: A multimcore processor is not „fast“. The single core is really slow. Apps will be started by a single core!!! Better take a system with highest single core power! Than consider adding more cores, but never the other way around. I should do a YT channel with truths of PC tech, but lacking time, because of engineering work…😟

  2. There are so many of these small form factor mini PCs coming out, but it gets confusing sometimes. For something like running ZBrush which tends to be more RAM heavy and CPU heavy, what "style" of mini PC works better for those situations. Most channels look at gaming performance which doesn't really help make decisions lol.

  3. To me, what makes this NUC different from all the previous ones is Xe graphics. Not as much for gaming, but for video work. Fast storage, 2.5Gb ethernet (mentioned in this video) coupled with performance and quality improvements in QSV H265 encode make it a very competent machine for that.

  4. Great review as usual, so which is better or more powerful the NUC or the mini pc, I'm a financial markets trader and i don't need the powerful card for gaming all I need is something that operate 1920*1080 because I'm not used to the small screen of a laptop and I travel a lot so i want something small to put on my back pack and be able to hook it to a big monitor, also i need fast processor with at least 16 gigs of ram, would you please suggest a good buy, thx in advance.

  5. funny,,,, that is my reaction as well,,, what is the point in having a small nuc when the power bric is a monster? if they integrate the power brick in the nuc it will become a big nuc that people wont buy because they want small nuc — haha.

  6. Intel 11 i5 Nuc model RNUC11PAKi50004 has headphone socket on the front as do all the consumer versions you have the "business" version , that also has a lower tdp .

  7. Interesting and helpful! Will you make a review putting the NUC into the Akasa Turing TN passive cooling case? That would be very interesting! :)

  8. In my opinion the NUC 11 jewel is not the i5 but the i3, which I own. It comes with a much smaller PSU (90W). I have used it to make something like a "modular laptop" (I hate to throw away laptops again and again always because one component becomes obsolete for my needs (or fails) when the rest of the laptop is fine. So I have paired it with a 26000mah / 100Watt power bank and a special USB-c to 2.5mm barell cable connecting to the official power connector (the power bank is a bit heavy, but still smaller than the NUC), and also a little 65W usb-c PSU to charge the power bank in PD mode when I have a wall plug at hand. And I have to say I'm impressed with the autonomy and performance of this little PC, which I call "the beast".
    As an example, the power bank alone gives me more than 4 hours of YouTube HD reproduction (not that I use it for video, but just to give you an idea). To complete the project, an Asus portable monitor (over USB-C alt mode), bluetooth keyboard and mice (the 3 of them with their own batteries for more autonomy, although they also work fine when charging from the NUC). Total volume similar to an average laptop, a bit heavier but fully modular as I wanted. And fits in my jacket nicely when I don't need to bring the monitor (I can get one when arriving at the office).
    Next thing will be a small thunderbolt GPU, but I plan to wait for the mining gold fever to end in order to start scavenging.

  9. In Europe, NUC 11 devices has been postponed for several months now. January became February, February became march, and in the end the stores just said they had no idea when or if the devices would be in stock. If Intel can't manage to get their stuff fast enough out of the factory, at least they can give some information about it.

  10. When will Intel give direct access to the FAN / heat-sink from the TOP cover? To me it's a huge design flaw not to have access to the fan, for cleaning purposes (and those fans / heat-sink accumulate a lot of dust… a lot!)

  11. Unfortunately just got my NUC 11 Performance Pre-Order cancelled by SimplyNUC which I placed 1 month ago. Considering getting the Pro model instead. Do you know if it has the option to switch the CPU profile to "Performance" in the BIOS so it can have a higher TDP? Thanks!

  12. Two things: I have actually really come to love using usb audio interfaces with macs (really great quality and can use pro microphones and headset). And, I wonder if eGPU can be a thing with systems like this to enable some casual gaming (more like some RTS titles or older games like Quake/TF)?

  13. If Intel was not building space heaters they should be able to power these things through a Thunderbolt USB-C. They need to basically build these like, laptop. My Dell laptop has single,cable to my Dell monitor that supplies up to 90 watts to my laptop and handles power, video and any usb devices attached to my monitor.

  14. Thunderbolt cables are short (as needed for signal integrity), so locating your NUC in the closet whilst enjoying your Thunderbolt peripherals is a challenge. That noisy fan is only going to get noisier and noisier as it ingests dust (the NUC having no dust filters).

  15. The is a slightly taller version of this NUC that also allows you to fit a 2.5 inch SATA drive in addition to the M.2 2280 and M.2 2242 drives. You can also get a version that replaces the M.2 2242 drive with an expansion board and additional ethernet ports etc.

  16. With USB4 (yes, apparently it's supposed to be written without the space now…) coming soon, I hope we're going to see this kind of I/O on AMD machines, too!
    Since USB4 basically includes Thunderbolt 3 (it's a bit more complicated in the details… hey, it's USB, did you expect anything different?), which also avoids the licensing fees Intel charges for Thunderbolt, I don't see why not.

  17. Sorry but no. I would find it acceptable if it has a 3.5 audio jack (maybe the 4 contact one, mixed with microphone) AND if it had the option to run on low power charger (ex 35-50w) or usb quickcharge 3.0 (20v) maybe by automatically disabling a couple usb 3.0 ports when this happens and maybe throttling the cpu.
    This way if I have to rush somewhere, I could just take the pc and my phone and my phone charger and go somewhere… lower performance and connectivity would be acceptable, instead of carrying that heavy brick.

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