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King Naresuan Ep1 Trailer1
King Naresuan Ep1 Trailer1

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In the fifteenth century, Siam’s Phitsanulok state fell under the siege of Burmese kingdom. As the powerful army approaching ever- languishing Siamese kingdom, of which Ayutthaya was the capital city. The mayor of Phitsanulok bowed to the Burmese and agreed to send his son, Naresuan at the age of nine as an adopted child, on other word, a hostage to the Burmese king, Bayinnaung at Pegu, the greatest king in Burmese history.
Naresuan was determined to get apart from his family to be the hostage in exchange of Siamese semi independence. While in the Pegu palace, Naresuan was feuded with Bayinnaung’s grandson about his age, Mingyi Swa. Naresuan was then sent to be educated as a novice monk at a Buddhist monastery outside the palace. He learned a lot in both warfare and political skills. Deep in heart, Naresuan realized that one he would be destined to declare Siamese independence from the Burmese Kingdom.

Genre : Historic – Drama
48 mins. | 12 episodes.

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