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Intel's Impressive Pre-Built Mini-PC: Review & Tear-Down of Phantom Canyon NUC | Informasi tentang budaya Indonesia

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Intel's Impressive Pre-Built Mini-PC: Review & Tear-Down of Phantom Canyon NUC
Intel's Impressive Pre-Built Mini-PC: Review & Tear-Down of Phantom Canyon NUC

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Intel’s newest ultra-small form factor gaming PC is out, and we’re benchmarking the Intel Phantom Canyon NUC11PHKi7C pre-built PC for thermals, power, build quality, and gaming performance.
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Grab a GN PC Building Modmat here:

Watch our review of Intel’s previous Ghost Canyon NUC PCIe PC:

Intel’s NUC line has been one of the company’s best endeavors over the years. The previous NUCs included Ghost Canyon (and the Compute Element), and before that, Hades Canyon. Both of these were unique in their own ways: Ghost Canyon had a socketable PC that could install in a PCIe slot, while Hades Canyon features an amalgamation of Intel and AMD to form a mobile computing powerhouse. Phantom Canyon us the new one, or more accurately named the NUC11PHKi7C for this kit, and runs an Intel CPU with an NVIDIA RTX 2060. Our benchmarks of this small form factor HTPC include gaming tests, thermals, power testing, IGP testing, and a couple production benchmarks for Premiere and code compile. We also did a full tear-down of the Phantom Canyon NUC, looking at the build quality and design.


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00:00​ – Intel’s Best Work
02:05 – Unique NUC Pre-Builts
04:08 – Phantom Canyon NUC Tear-Down & Disassembly
13:42 – CPU Thermals & Fan Curve Settings
15:26 – NUC CPU + GPU Thermals
16:10 – Vertical vs. Horizontal Thermals
16:54 – NUC11PHKi7C Power Consumption
18:15 – Game Benchmarks for Phantom Canyon
19:47 – IGP Testing
21:36 – Chromium Code Compile
22:24 – Adobe Premiere Benchmarks
23:31 – Final Hardware Thoughts
27:42 – Conclusion

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Host, Test Lead, Writing: Steve Burke
Testing, Writing: Patrick Lathan
Script Peer Review: Patrick Stone
Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick. Semoga pengetahuan yang kami berikan tentang topic nuc akan Valid untuk Anda. Terima kasih banyak.

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  1. I stay away from all this hot running overly convoluted expensive and proprietary novelty stuff its too close to the unserviceable apple crap. Im perfectly happy with my micro ATX builds, plenty small enough for most folks and I can still cool it given the right case choice.

  2. If you stuck this to the back of a monitor your only gonna suck hot monitor air hahahaha seems like a good idea, but didnt get executed very well. Even if you added a spacer which I would recommend, that space is still facing a hot monitor.

  3. Well yeah, the antenna connector is fragile. But it's not designed to be connected and disconnected. yes, you got unlucky and broke it, but keep in mind that you did by hand and it requires a special tool for unmating.

  4. Why are you testing in 21degrees C? That is cold, you can't sit in a room that is that cold. Please test in 24 to 25 degrees for realistic testing. Also test summer usability with room temperatures of 36 degrees C. I mean really I am so pissed every time you say 21 degrees. The F ? In winter my room goes from 21 to 26 degrees just by turning on computer ( outside is -5C ). And in summer when outside is 40C you can keep inside at 30, try turning any intel product on … So please do realistic testing, 21 C is offensive. I mean I get that you are building pc-s and you move around, but people who actually use computers, they sit, 21 is COLD.

  5. Could I use this as a media server and hide it behind my TV and stream 4K with it? I'm looking for something that isn't too big to hide behind my TV and will stream 4K content.

  6. u can still replace those m.2 1216 cards pretty easily with a hot air gun , and these ax200 cards r like 7 to 10$ on aliexpress , i did this twice on two laptops and it isn't hard or takes time , u just need some tools and skills. i can replace them just as quick as a normal m.2 2330 card!!

  7. After seeing the size of it, I had hopes that the hot stuff would be socketed. As it stands I'd not consider it. Who knows how they screw up this generation's BGA chips. Got to the power consumption part. Hell no. I'm a big fan of low power NUCs (and the form factor in general), but pushing 200W through this seems insane to me.

  8. When you look at these units and compare to the new consoles it really does show the console designs could of been much smaller or much better shaped.

  9. ok i have long hair to down past my shoulders just dyed it purple but my point and question is every video i watch his hair is never brushed. it looks matted like a rats nest at the ends. why, bro use a brush or comb heck man keep one in your ass pocket like i do. im 25 and have hair to my ass almost and its always smooth and never ratty. i get the maintenance and work with long hair but really. lol

  10. "Some of Intel engineers working on something that is recieved and perform very well and others working on… Rocket Lake". Love a dose of good sarcasm in the morning.

  11. I got older version of nuc installed at work and it made everything so much more clean and easy. Even the janitor compliments it because it is simpler for him to clean the desks.

  12. you mentioned a system where amd and intel worked together .. did any thing come out of that relation ?? say an intel 8core 16 thread with amd GPU perhaps ????
    that would be something i would like..

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