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Intel i7-7700K Revisit: Benchmark vs. 9700K, 2700, 9900K, & More | Berita tentang budaya

Anda sedang mencari topik i7 7700k kan? akan memperkenalkan Anda pada topik Intel i7-7700K Revisit: Benchmark vs. 9700K, 2700, 9900K, & More di artikel berikut. Lihat artikel ini sekarang.

Intel i7-7700K Revisit: Benchmark vs. 9700K, 2700, 9900K, & More | Saluran untuk berbagi kiat gratis yang bermanfaat.

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Intel i7-7700K Revisit: Benchmark vs. 9700K, 2700, 9900K, & More
Intel i7-7700K Revisit: Benchmark vs. 9700K, 2700, 9900K, & More

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We’re revisiting the Intel i7-7700K, which feels a whole lot older than it is given the pace of Intel’s product launches. This benchmark comes in at the end of 2018 to compare against the 9700K, 8700K, et al.
Grab one of the GN dark mousepads:


Find the i7-8700K on Amazon:
or the 9700K on Amazon:
and the R7 2700X on Amazon:

The Intel i7-7700K got the short straw when Intel was drawing for products, launching in January of 2017 and being superseded just 9 months later by the objectively and notably superior i7-8700K. The 7700K was still a strong overclocker, so we wanted to revisit this CPU with a 5.1 and 5.0GHz OC applied (depending on test) to see how it benchmarks versus the i7-8700K, 9700K, 9900K, R7 2700, and more.

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Editorial, Host: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

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Penelusuran Topik Intel i7-7700K Revisit: Benchmark vs. 9700K, 2700, 9900K, & More.

i7 7700k

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  1. I'm watching this in 2021, cus now I want to upgrade to the i9 9900k now that they are cheaper, but my 7700k still doing good, but I am starting to feel that I need more for my 2070 super and other programs like unity and blender >.<

  2. I think im gonna get a 9700K when 11th gen is out. I don't think 11th or even 12th gen will be worth the price tag. I'm currently rocking a 7700k 4.8 with a 3060ti

  3. I have i7 7700k with Asus z270F board. I want to add gpu for 3d work apps like blender and cinema 4d. Which compatible GPU should I go for?? Pls comment.

  4. Thanks for this, came at the right time..

    I'm running a Z270-i mini ITX with an i5-7400 and an RTX 3070 (wanted the 3080, BUT….)..

    So I'm getting bottlenecked with no mini ITX PCIe 4.0 option available so I'm looking at the CPU only.

    The i7-7700K seems like the perfect fit right now, the fastest CPU the board will take, so I'm gonna go for it..


  5. I wish I knew more before building my first PC. I have the 7700k. I was not aware in July 2017 that I was buying a chip and mobo that would not let me upgrade further. I bought an Asus ix formula z290 not knowing until recently that i would not be able to just pop a better cpu into it. I game at 3440 x 1440. It was good for a while, but now most new games I have to run at much lower setting to get the 100 fps avg. still using a 1080ti strix oc gaming and 32 GB 3200 ram. X62 aio. Now I am debating between AMD and Intel for my next system. I will keep most everything else but I definitely need a new mobo and cpu. Waiting until at least next year. For now just trying to improve cooling in my case.

  6. Damn its crazy that intel has been running 5.1ghz for years and amd still has fan boys who try to preach thread count but apps don't use multi thread! I wish they did tbh but until they do, ill be using an overclocked intel cpu.

  7. I7 7700k with a conservative oc of 4.6 still getting 190-220 fps in seige at 1080p using a slightly overclocked asus 1060 6gb I'm still just running a 144hz monitor so no need to upgrade yet.

  8. still using the 7700k and have yet to encounter a cpu bottleneck or any issues with it. yes im kind of mad that intel rushed the 8700k and being available only 6 months after i bought the 7700k but the performance is still very good. Will see how things change when i upgrade to the new rtx 3080 or 3080ti if they decide to release that.

  9. 7700k is a good CPU. I bought one in 2018, then sold it in mid 2020. I got more money than I paid for it.
    Good job out there Intel, for making your CPUs not only good at gaming but also good at maintaining their value.

  10. My ph55m pro motherboard just went out today my i5 750 with a rx 480 8gb ran everything on ultra 1080p im seriously thinking about ryzen or should i stick to intel. Ive never had amd before

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