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Installing a Doorknob with Keyed Lock | Berita tentang budaya

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Installing a Doorknob with Keyed Lock | Kiat berguna.

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Installing a Doorknob with Keyed Lock

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Leah from See Jane Drill shows how to install a locking doorknob in a door, including tips and tricks to complete this job successfully.

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you can’t make this change because the selection is locked

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  1. In ALL the supposed 'professional' videos I watched before finding your video, NOT one of those mentioned the beveled edge. One video installed it backwards. I looked at the manual that shows bevel out. Thank you for teaching us the RIGHT way to install this knob!!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful video. I am planning on replacing my door knobs. The current ones don't fit with my color scheme. I would also like to switch out the hinges, and the thing on the door frame that accepts the latch (not sure what that's called). Are they pretty standard size? Will doing so make it so the door no longer fits and closes correctly?

  3. I call BS,. Yes the hardest part is putting in the screws and they are always impossible to get threaded, they get cross threaded , can get them started etc. you can’t get a screwdriver on the head without knocking it out alignment and so on. Better to show everyone how to get to those screws! Take of the knob? Use special screwdriver?

  4. I just thought I would challenge you to DEFIANT's newly designed lock to show you proof that making adjustments are just not that simple anymore! Need proof? From this video at 1:40 to 2:40 makes a big difference in DEFIANT'S new design in adjustments. Here's the model I'm adjusting`

    Go buy a new DEFIANT Lock and try to make the adjust. Make a video on that particular lock so we can all learn how to adjust the newly designed lock.

    That alone is very challenging! * * * I wish you all the luck in the world.

  5. I am in my seventies and I have a terrible time lining up the final screws to complete installation. Here is a little trick I discovered. Before I install the inside lock part, I put two farmer's matches in the holes just enough to hold the match. They fit perfectly. Then I put the lock part on and tape it to the door with a wide painter's tape (wide). Your holes are lined up. Pull one match stick and insert the screw. Pull the other match and complete installing the last screw. 'WORKS FOR ME'

  6. My doorknob just came off in my hand! It's about 10 below zero right now – so fun! It's duct taped for now and my deadbolt is on but first thing in the morning I'll head to the hardware store and with the help of this video I'm sure I'll be all set! Thanks so much!

  7. "face beveled edge to the outside exterior side of the door". That is incorrect if you are installing a lock on an outswing door. You should say to face the bevel to the door jamb.

  8. Thanks heaps. I have to put in a new door lock to keep my landlord out. After watching this I have the can do groove. Across in Australia :) Great video, short & so easily explained. Great Job!

  9. You are an AWESOME lady! Thank you for this WONDERFUL tutorial! My wife is an Electrician along with myself and I'm ALWAYS happy to see more women doing construction and/or home remodeling breaking out of old stereotypes and showing us guys just how to git er done! Thank you Ma'am!
    Larry the Electrician

  10. Interior door knob doesnt have the 2 screws (or its hidden by a cover piece that I can't seem to remove without tearing up the door), so I can't unscrew it. And the latch bolt thing does NOT just pull right out when you unscrew it. Bummer.

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