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INCREDIBLE ANA 787 Business Class Flight | Budaya di Indonesia

Anda sedang mencari topik INCREDIBLE ANA 787 Business Class Flight kan? akan memperkenalkan Anda pada topik ana airlines business class di artikel berikut. Lihat artikel ini sekarang.

INCREDIBLE ANA 787 Business Class Flight | Kumpulan kiat dan trik bermanfaat.

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INCREDIBLE ANA 787 Business Class Flight
INCREDIBLE ANA 787 Business Class Flight

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Saya akhirnya menerbangkan ANA, dan saya terobsesi. BELANJA VINCERO dengan diskon eksklusif 15%: – kode WAKTU TERBATAS NONSTOPDAN (hingga 6 November) – KARTU KREDIT SWEDIA: Tautan rujukan – baca di sini untuk kebijakan: Baca tentang kartu SAS mana yang terbaik untuk Anda: * 125.000 Poin Imbalan Keanggotaan dengan Amex Gold *: * 15.000 poin dengan American Express Premium *: * 22.500 poin dengan American Express Elite *: BELANJA BELANJA: IKUTI SAYA DI INSTAGRAM: Tautan rujukan: DISKON $ 40 AIRBNB: AKHIRI KETAKUTAN ANDA TERBANG: PANDUAN GRATIS: 5 Tips Teratas Untuk Menemukan Penerbangan Termurah – MEDIA SOSIAL: Twitter: Facebook: Dibayar: 99.000 mil Eurobonus Toronto – Vancouver – Tokyo – Seoul dalam bisnis + $ 70 dalam pajak. Perlengkapan kamera saya – Kamera besar: GoPro: Pemasangan GoPro (letakkan di mana saja): Lensa sudut lebar: Lensa zoom: Mikrofon klip: FAQ: Info tentang saya: Draw My Life: Maskapai: All Nippon Airlines, ANA Pesawat: Boeing 787- 9 Pendaftaran pesawat: JA894A Tanggal penerbangan: 16 Oktober 2019 Rute: Vancouver – Tokyo Haneda Nomor penerbangan: NH115 Kursi: 9A Kontak untuk pertanyaan umum dan pertanyaan bisnis: [email protected] ———————————— ———————————— Musik: ———————————————————————— Video ini dan suaranya dilindungi oleh hak cipta YouTube, dan setiap penggunaan yang tidak disetujui di video lain akan dilaporkan. .. Semoga pengetahuan yang kami berikan tentang konten ana airlines business class akan Lebih membantu untuk Anda. Terima kasih banyak.

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ana airlines business class

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  1. Excellent trip report! Their service was incredible as always, but the food didn't live up to my expectation, it could be better

  2. One of the things I love about watching these more recent videos is never seeing dead animals. Thanks Nonstop Dan!

  3. Another great review but it is a pity to seat in business class and feast on rabbit food.

  4. I flew(business)on both…love the experience on both. And when a plane leaves japan….After the plane doors are closed) the ground staff disconnect the gang way and waited(gangway doors remained openned) …i thought why ….they were waiting for the plane to pull back…..and waived u farewell.

  5. Nonstop dan thank you so much for the review! Now I know if I can fly this airline! Thank you!

  6. Hey Dan I'll be flying this exact flight from YVR to Tokyo. Do you know how the pitch on these seats compares to Air Canada Signature? AC is known for being a bit longer so I'm hoping it's not too cramped when sleeping as I'm nearly 2m.

  7. Is this the plane that is banned from further production due to two crashes which were caused by greed, cronyism and capitism on steroids.
    60 minutes australia and Al Jazira TV documentary covers that topic extensively.

  8. ANA is awesome, I flewed economy few times and they haves have snacks available in the midplane section lol

  9. Hello Dan. I had a horrible travel experience yesterday with the cabin of the flight so hot! Can you please recommend a usb fan for flights?

  10. ANA was my first business flight I ever took from ORD to NRT. I had such a good flight and everything was so perfect!

  11. Has anyone asked you how fast do you move when vlogging on a flight? This is long-haul. But some of your flights are like, just 2 hours and you get to present the same amount of content.

  12. No, it isnt the nicest and newest ANA business class "The Room". The nicest will be on ANA 777 FLIGHT

  13. 靴を正しく置いてくれていますね。日本の飛行機を綺麗にお乗りいただきましてありがとうございます。

  14. Thanks for the review, it's very helpful. If there's anything I would suggest, it would be to consider doing a voiceover after you get home rather than using the audio from inside the plane — it's very difficult to hear

  15. Hello Dan! Can you sometime test Air Europa? I flew with them for the first time on Firday of November. My thoughts after flying the airline wich i almost never have heard about, or even knew existed are mixed. They are they say something in the middle between a low cost and scheduled airline. Please try them out. I think they're flying a 787-8 from Copenhagen to Madrid. Try that one, or even better; Try one of their 737-800 routes.

    Ha en fin dag! :D

  16. Seriously…a Genkan for your street shoes? ANA is the best airline in the world…hands down.

  17. Hey, Dan! I came across with your channel just yesterday. Great work!!!!

    I flew ANA round trip between Seattle and Narita just last month. I've flown between the west coast of the US and Japan probably close to 30 times. In my opinion, ANA and SIA are probably the best airlines. JAL is right behind them, though. Right before boarding starts, ANA's ground staff all bow… I love that. :-)

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