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How to Create A Multi-Select Drop-Down List in Excel | Adat Indonesia

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How to Create A Multi-Select Drop-Down List in Excel | Kiat berguna.

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How to Create A Multi-Select Drop-Down List in Excel
How to Create A Multi-Select Drop-Down List in Excel

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  1. For some reason, after restarting the excel sheet, your VBA code doesn't work anymore. It is still there and everything but the multi select part doesn't work. Anyone knows what do to? Edit: Maybe the VBA code is not running automatically?

  2. Hello, This video was very helpful. As you did, whenever I select multiple selection from drop down list, it is getting displayed in next line, I was wondering if there is an option available that can get the multi selection displayed in adjacent cell of next column ?
    My purpose is to apply filter to count nos. of different selections. If this can be possible I will be able to select from one single drop down (containing 5 selection items) and later apply filter on each column to get count of each selection item.

  3. I've been scouring everywhere for a code to insert that will allow the user to deselect from the list by selecting it from the drop down a second time. This is the only thing I can find that teaches to list line by line.

    So far, only codes that use commas to separate list items have deselection codes – which is fine, but line by line looks a little nicer. Hopefully "Clear Contents" and starting again isn't the only option here.


  4. Hi! Thank you for making this video. I am wondering if this can be modified to make a dropdown checklist instead of a checklist box? I am organizing my wedding guest list and want to make sure we are accommodating for multiple disabilities, and any language barriers for 100 people. I've been having trouble trying to make it into a dropdown checklist for each person. Any ideas? Thank you for all of your help! :)

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for the video! It really helped me! I wanted to know how to undo it after i select multiple ones by accidnet?

  6. I cannot get the multi select dropdown to work. I created one on a separate sheet in the workbook I'm working on and it worked , but it won't work on the page I need it to work on.

  7. Sharon, this was very helpful! Thank you! Quick question, what is the code for displaying it on the same line using commas instead of new line?

  8. Great videos! You have a video where you explain how to auto populate text from a drop-down list and a video where you explain how to create a multiple selection list. But how do you combine them? Can you create a multiple selection drop down list and populate your sheet with the text from the selected options in that list?

  9. if you have a grouping of cells that you want the multi choice to apply to is there a way to code this, instead of coding individual cells? "$F$2:$F$13" versus Or Target.Address = "$F$15" ?

  10. I have 2 Dropdown List with the same options (Included and Excluded) in different sheets. If I select " Included" in one dropdown list, it should also select "Included" on another dropdown list and vice versa. I am new in coding please help me out to crack this.

  11. Instead of retyping each cell "$D$2 or $D$3 and etc.. can you just do a range? When I tried, it didn't work. for example, I tried $D$2:$D$34 and D2:D34. None of it works. Please help. I have a lot of cells. Do I have to manually type each cell? There's has to be a better way.

  12. What I I want to apply this code to a whole column? not just select single cells? Also, how to add a comma between the different selection options?

  13. Thanks for this Sharon. I had a student ask me how to do this today and I could help her right away. Have subscribed to your channel now and will follow your new content.

  14. Great video on the topic! Two questions.
    1) Is there a line of code that can be added to restrict the number of selections? Like, lets say I have a list that I only want the user's top 3 from the list of dozen plus options. Can that be done where the forth selection won't be able to be made because you restrict them to 3 (or x ) selections?
    2) Is there someway the number of selected from that list can be counted or tallied in another cell?

    Thanks for your excellent videos on forms!

  15. This was so helpful. Thank you for posting, Sharon? If I wanted to duplicate the same dropdown list within an entire column, how would I adjust the VBA code?

  16. So helpful! I didn't know you could add them on a separate line within the cell. Thank you!

    How would we apply this to several cells within the same column (i.e. G5 to G13)? And how do we edit/add to the code to make an item, if clicked again, disappear?

  17. This is very helpful. Quick question, how can I apply this to the whole column? Is there a code to apply to the column or it has to be done manually using Or Target.Address =…? I want to apply this from row 3 to 195. Please let me know.

  18. Thank you so much this video. It has been very helpful. I was able to use your code for an entire column of data. However, I have two other columns that need to include multiple drop-down selections in each cell. How do I modify the code to do this? Thank you.

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