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How America lost its Wei – the US-China tech war | Berita tentang budaya

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How America lost its Wei – the US-China tech war | Kiat berguna.

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How America lost its Wei – the US-China tech war

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Pakar China terkemuka Scott Kennedy, yang memegang Ketua Wali di Pusat Kajian Strategis dan Internasional di Washington, ditampilkan dalam webinar Asia Times. Dimoderatori oleh Wakil Editor Asia Times (Bisnis) David P. Goldman. ..

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  1. The only deal that China and the US can make is where one or both parties prefer a deal without substance: Like the nuclear arms agreements, which lacked verification procedures, that the Kennedy Administration made with the USSR. global Warming is an obvious example, given both sets of domestic political concerns; The best of all possible worlds is to have an agreement and somehow catch your adversary breaking it. Naturally, "decoupling" is a given: private actors require binding agreements with specific (advantageous) outcomes.

  2. I am so fatigued listening to Americans talk about their values. Now living elsewhere, I can so clearly see that the values the US values are certainly not the high moral ones it espouses. I think the time arrived quite some time ago for the US to grow up and act adult and cease forcing the rest of the world to adhere to what is useful and convenient for the US but rarely to anyone else. The US does not own the world and should stop thinking it does.

  3. White colonists are the number one cause of death in the world. They call that western values, democracy, and human rights. Black Lives Matter and so do Native Americans.

  4. Why is America always looking for an external enemy? The US military industrial complex has hijacked America's foreign policies. Geographically isolated and with annual military spendings of $800 billion, America's only credible enemy is itself. America has been at war almost every year since its founding as a country.

  5. China is now more assertive? So say you? Just because China is standing up to the US and West to protect her interest? Listen, China has learned from Japan. What happened in1985 the led to the Plaza Accord and look at Japan today. The US cannot use the same trick twice.

  6. Are you being hypocritical or just plain ignorant? In 2008, the US government printed 4 trillion US$ to bail out Citibank, AIG, Goldman Sachs, Freddie Mae, Freddie Mac and a host of other financial institutions from bankruptcies during the 2008 subprime crisis. The US government has been subsidizing a host of strategic industries too including Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and the farmers when Trump imposed tariffs on China and the later retaliated worth billions of dollars. It is still doing it today.

  7. The risk is high (in their opinions) because every China experts know nothing about China. They just know western culture and they assume Chinese think exactly the same way they think. That is why they worry. You probably can thank Trump for speeding up the decoupling process. It is clear that there are two standards on trade and rights, China don't have any more doubt anymore. Look at how China eliminate poverty and illiteracy, send satellite up to space, build roads and hospitals for its people. China have provided cheap electricity and wifi to everyone including many outlying areas. There are very new few blackouts in China nowadays with their high power transmission system in full operation.

    Yet US continue to manufacture issues to try to stop China. Every country can demand a fair trade but continue to use other stuffs to make it a condition of the trade is not going to work anymore especially with China. China don't care about our liberal policies. China will adapt whichever that will help its people the most without needing US looking over its shoulder. Of course US has been using US currencies a weapon to control the world. This is how they attempted to kidnap Huawei CFO.

  8. Americans are afraid to compete with China and can't stand to watch China move ahead. That's the real issue! Chickens!

  9. Scott Kennedy is such narrow minded, stops talking about human rights and democracy of America. Just looks at America situation now, even a losing President is refusing to hand over to the winning party, a laughing stock to the world. America is no longer the No1 in the world anymore, China is!

  10. China is superior to US in every way. China does not need the US. So, why is China complaining about decoupling?

  11. Asia Times please do better and stop interviewing people from Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). They are a right wing think tank. They are all for pro war and American hegemony. You are wasting your time interview these people.

  12. Shame on you. Upholding democracy, freedom and free trade when dominating other countries. But become a tyrant when facing competition. Sabotaging others. From November till now, you all have not determined who's won presidential race!

  13. Trump has taught China not to share information with the US, not to allow transfer of Chinese technology and never trust US. Shouldn't allow American companies in China to sell directly to Chinese consumers as these sales are not considered as imports. Force them to export and reimport into China. This way trade imbalance can be reduced.

  14. Slowing down a few years is silly. China time line is 5000 years. America timeline is 4 years. That’s the difference in perception. With due respect to Scott, he does not understand China and he is very bias

  15. The sanctions on Iran causing untold suffering death starvation not able to borrow money for medicine and you would have us believe China 🇨🇳 is the bad guy . There are only 2 countries on the planet that are really free Russia 🇷🇺 and China 🇨🇳 all the rest are surfs belonging to the Lords of War .

  16. Sloppy! And he is even the top-notch guy from the CSIS? Unbelievable! Almost all his answers are chunks of swiss cheese—full of holes. His arguments are weak as a flat tire. America is really declining right before our eyes. Should I say RIP?

  17. Year 2020 makes me to realize the hypocrisy of so call free market, democracy, human rights in America.

  18. US has shown they are untrustworthy trading partner. Its mafia style business tactics against Huawei and it's CFO should worry any company America deems superior. If we cannot cmpete we will crush you. It's happened with Altrom, Toshiba and others.

  19. America became a technological giant because it was a magnet attracting the best brains from all over the world, starting with war criminals like the Nazi scientists and the Japanese Imperial Army’s scientists to kick start their US century, starting from 1945. With 4 years of Trump’s presidency the table had started to turn in China’s favor. China instead of wasting trillions fighting wars and on countless overseas military bases spent her money on research and development, attracting and enticing the best brains in the world just like what the US did in the past. Giving these scientists the conducive and safe environment and rewards to do what they love and enjoy doing ie making great discoveries and inventions. The US on the other hand mired in political upheaval never seen before and with a pandemic spinning out of control is not a place these geniuses would want to risk their lives unnecessarily. In short, this is the greatest challenge facing the US today that this top China expert is too up his behind to even phantom. All he cares is ‘American Values’ whatever they are now, with millions unemployed, losing their homes and going hungry. There are 2 Americas now. One for the rich, privileged and the political class and another for the rest. This is the reality!

  20. What a sickening language this guy use, is he ever went to college and graduated?
    Have this guy ever been in China, if so how often and what he did there..

  21. He admits it " now we have China experts everywhere!!". I am wondering how you become an expert in a subject? If you are that smart and have that brain power, then why are you so afraid of competing with the rest of the world? I agree, you have the advantage of tradition especially in some of the Universities but these institutions are also dependent on the supply of brains from China and other "poorer" economies. And certainly, China has proven beyond doubt that they can compete; just look at the results of PISA as well as all the subject Olympiads, China has got the brain power! Hence, either you compete and then get some of the advantages out of such competition; by decoupling US can not be the sole winner! Just wait for 2030!

  22. China needs hard power to stand up to USA bullying you. Wise to spend more on defense. Stupid talk.

  23. Have you thought about not oppressing the Chinese for the crime of having a government we don't like? I think if we competed by actually taking care of our own people, we might be able to coexist and even make more people in China want a democracy like our own.

    A strategy of trying to oppress them by forcing 1.4 billion to be forced out of global markets might not be the most constructive. And doing so in a way that indicates that we want to dictate to them how to live will lead to war.

  24. I think more westerner intellectuals should look close into current Taiwan. Their Cov-19 success is based on none-testing, don't test-don't tell policy. Look at how many cases (export to other countries) of travelers tested positive once they travel to other country. The current administration punish local health office whom want to test general population of his county. Taiwan is turning into a illiberal-populistic state. The current administration is try to close the only opposition TV media so no opposition opinions can be expressed to general public.

  25. "Much more assertive internationally, and it needs to be stood up to" – the voice of US geopolitical, hegemonic, exceptionalism.

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