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Hotel Hell S02E06 – Four Seasons Inn | Informasi perjalanan terbaru.

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Hotel Hell S02E06 - Four Seasons Inn
Hotel Hell S02E06 – Four Seasons Inn

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  1. This is my 1st time actually seeing the owner not getting mar Gordon almost all the others I've watched they start barging with him

  2. Its so nice to see a true legit happy ending for people who deserve a break because. Good people deserve a break

  3. I think the reason Gordon went above and beyond for Layla’s and Hotel Chester is because they didn’t go into denial and took Gordon’s tips

  4. Sandy is one of the few people that I feel genuinely deserved a second chance. Glad the lodge is still doing well.

  5. As of 2021 they have a 4.9 with 520 reviews. Love to see it. Owner seemed like such a good person deep down just needed some guidance. Good job Gordon.

  6. I felt bad for him when they were all in that room, but I’m glad they handled it good and now I’m hearing that they are still open and are an amazing hotel, I’m glad for them

  7. Best episode by far. Everyone in the episode Is so likable an vulnerable and you just want them all to be happy and succeed. Especially Sandy

  8. Just saying, was a pretty shit move on an owners part to try to basically promote Steve to co head chef in front of gordon just so he could try to pass off the blame instead of taking accountability. Everyone in the comments wants to talk about how nice he is and great to his staff now that things are going good but are quick to forget how he treats them when things are going bad.

  9. 2020/12/29 searched the lodge and it is still open up to this date with 4.5 stars..
    saved you time searching for it!

  10. This person deserves what he is having right now and the they are still open i searched it cuz i saw comment so i check if they are still open few years after AND THEY ARE With 4.9 STAR RATING great job im happy for the owner

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