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GTA V ON Intel HD 620 Graphics Core i5 7200U | Budaya di Indonesia

Anda sedang mencari topik i5-7200u kan? akan memperkenalkan Anda pada topik i5-7200u di artikel berikut. Lihat artikel ini sekarang.

GTA V ON Intel HD 620 Graphics Core i5 7200U | Kiat berguna.

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GTA V ON Intel HD 620 Graphics Core i5 7200U

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Hey Friends :D
Its Time for the GTA V on Intel HD 620 Graphics :D

How To Download GTA V Watch this

I use Fraps to record my games

I have reduced its video quality because the video file size was becoming Larger while recording so please watch in HD :)

The Game was tested at the resolution of 1280×720 in Medium settings as you can see in the video i have shown you :)

Fps With Recording 21-27
Fps Without Recording 23-34

GTA V is playable for me as you can see in the video

If you want to Test more Games for Intel HD 620 Graphics post your comments in the Comments section :)

For more videos check out my channel :)

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Thanks for watching


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Us Semoga pengetahuan yang kami berikan tentang konten i5-7200u akan Valid untuk Anda. Terima kasih banyak.

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  1. hi dude i got the game processor with mx130graphics card will it lag or no please comment fast i wanna buy gta v
    dont want to wastemy money if i cant even play it

  2. Hey i have the same specs. But can i run this on acer aspire es15 es1-52-59px its the same specs becouse i dont know if its ganna work on it before i buy.

  3. Bien raro tu maquina mi laptop i3 620 intel, si o si carga las texturas, como que tenia esa crasheo y bajones injugable 4gbram, pero a ti te da menos grafica y mas rendimiento, dime tu secreto,xd

  4. Disable scaning for 3d sounds or something like that in audio settings and put directx10 in graphics settings, disable all things in advanced graphics and put the population variety and density on the lowest. :D

  5. It looks it's on 20-30 FPS, should lower it to have 30FPS
    Edit: By the way, are you changing the dedicated memory size of GPU? Or is it still the same amount? J

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