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GTA San Andreas - Tips & Tricks - Unique Vehicles
GTA San Andreas – Tips & Tricks – Unique Vehicles

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Video in High Definition


Unique Vehicles – In GTA San Andreas there are a few unique vehicles found only in some missions or under specific conditions which are never found parked around town or available in normal city traffic. In this guide we will show you some of these vehicles, explaining how to get them. It is not a complete list but only a selection of the most interesting or useful.

List of the vehicles shown in this video:

0:00 – Introduction
0:15 – Mothership [The Truth Camper] (Are You Going To San Fierro & Riot)
2:01 – SWAT Tank (End Of The Line)
3:30 – Andromada
4:36 – FBI Truck

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  1. Oh i didn't know that was the trick to get the arnored truck i finish the last mission now i can't get the armored truck:(

  2. Is there any way to "save" unique cars licence plate, coz every time i go to garage plate changes, like pulowski plated buffalo after going in garage it changes in some random numbers

  3. Can't belieber I'm seeing an 8 year old GTA SA tips video lol. I'm seeing this one because all the other would be mods and all the car spawner mods.
    Edit: I knew it lol.

  4. The Mothership is explosion-proof. The SWAT Tank is bullet-proof & fire-proof.SWAT Tank can be destroyed using the water trick but the special properties will be ok

  5. Title: Unique vehicles found only in some missions or in specific conditions
    Car: FBI Truck, never appears in the game, not even in a cutscene.

    Logic has left the building.

  6. How to get FBI truck? 4:36
    It's simple download Gta as clean Indonesian there is mod Cleo and you used press Ctrl and c to working
    And you must go to spawn driver (maybe) and you find there is car FBI truck

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