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Football Manager 2017 Tips & Tricks | Training Guide | Pengetahuan yang berguna.

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Football Manager 2017 Tips & Tricks | Training Guide
Football Manager 2017 Tips & Tricks | Training Guide

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  1. Hi. Love your tips on training. Question. I play a 4-1-2-3 formation. Using the attacking midfielders to cut in as inside forwards, with wing backs bombing forwards. I dominate games , but battle to get shots on target. it's always chances wasted . How can i make my forwards better finishers

  2. So when I'm done sticking on attacking in general training to improve my teams attributes can I then move to let's say ball control or must I go back to balance???

  3. So if we set training to something eg Attacking for 3 weeks, then change it, those 3 weeks are lost? In which case why bother using Cohesion for 2 weeks? And why does the game heavily recommend you use Fitness training in the preseason?

  4. Hahaha now I get like why some of my players went down in attribute cuz I used team cohension a lot , lol now I guess I’ll focus more in attacking and probably tactical ! Great stuff ! Thanks man !

  5. Hello, another question coming up :P

    By now my general team training usually consists of a balanced training all season long, except for a few weeks of fitness at the start of the season. I didn't detect any real benefit when focussing on let's say attacking for a few months.

    And then I always switch the individual focus to the training recommended every few weeks. This way noone is complaining about a wrong additional focus. But I do wonder whether I switch the focus to fast to really benefit from it.

    So here my question: While the different attributes of the players are represented by integer values in the players info sheet, they are shown in 0.2 steps in the attribute progress tab. Does the game actually calculate with integer values during the match, so that I should always wait until a player improves an entire valuepoint before switching focus or does it calculate in those 0.2 steps?

  6. At any given time I seem to have 2-3 players in my squad that have red arrows on basically all attributes, without any obvious reason – no injury, no hard fitness training, potential not maxed out, not overplayed (big enough squad to rotate), not unhappy…

    I don't really get it. It seems to kind of cancel out previous improvements and annoys me. Can I do anything about it?

  7. Heres a tip, never train a youth player as a complete forward. Train them as an inside forward instead. It trains the same ratings but makes them a more versatile player. And since they would be training on the wing it prioritizes pace and accel more.

  8. You covered everything but the most important thing: workload!

    The match prep slider and general training intensity govern how much time players allocate to general training and match prep. If you tell the players to spend a lot of time on these things, that's less time devoted to individual training, and that's bad for any manager who wants to shape his players according to his own desires through individual training!

    So, once your team has good tactical familiarity, you need to bring that match prep slider way down to 10% so they maintain their current familiarity (doesn't matter which prep you select for this), and look to reduce general training to low or even very low intensity.

    Important to keep the players' individual workload higher than light but lower than heavy!

    If you don't want the team to use general training at all you can switch to team cohesion, and then the amount of PA used on attributes other than those you select from individual training will be significantly decreased. A lot of people say it has a negative overall effect to do this, and I can't say I know. Proceed with caution!

  9. Hey there, I've got a question concerning injuries in FM 17. I'm managing Fulham right now and my start into my second season there was just horrible. Eight matches into the season I have three!!! first team players with an achilles tendon torn and one with a tibia fracture (plus several minor injuries). Each of the four players will be out for more than half a year. Is this just bad luck or can I do anything about it? It's just muscle injuries that stand in any connection to my training regime, right?
    Thnx alot for an answer! This insanity just has to stop immediately or I'll stand no chance to reach my goals this season…

  10. Thanks for the video, very helpful! 1 question regarding training? what to do if you have players (in my case just 1) that is always unhappy with the training plan (both team and individual?)
    second question, any tips on what to do in order to get approached by another club to train them? i have played 2 seasons with a portuguese team, won the championship and all domestic cups in both seasons and played through Champions league until quarter finals and no invites…

  11. Great Video ,two things is there a training bug as my players are always unhappy with training regardless what changes I make ,I lower the amount and they are still unhappy? I forgot what the second thing was :D

  12. Thank you Mr. FM-life You help me a lot of to understand this difficult Football Manager game (Training) :) (y)

  13. So during season you let it on balanced and only change the next match training? On pre-season then you change to fitness, team cohesion or what have you, right?

  14. After playing manager mode on FIFA for so many years. This was my first football manager I bought and God is it daunting for new comers at least for me. So many different things you can look at and into and have a say in. A lot of the time I don't even understand how to apply my assistants recommendations as I don't even understand what he's telling me to do. It feels like if you don't know everything about the game and how it works you've got no chance. Also any recommendations on how to stop getting over run in midfield every single damn game no matter who I'm against or what their formation is?

  15. How do you stop players from being unhappy about not getting enough coaching attention during tactics training? cheerss

  16. Uhm,if I for example put Attack general training doesn't that mean that the other areas will be trained less and there for players might lower those atributes?

  17. Great vid! You know im really struggling beating teams away from home, i have a world class squad with arsenal but i really struggle. I have a tactic that i use away from home that is on counter but i still manage to leak more goals away from home. Got any tips?

  18. very interesting video !
    I have a question about training in FM2017: how to get fluidity in you tactic at the first season as quick as possible ? How do you advice to set friendlies, how many, etc.

  19. Great video. I've played Football Manager since 2012 version and this was the first time I found out how the general training actually works.

    Really highlights how much trial and error is included in the game due to in parts terrible in game feedback players get.

    Definitely a helpful video mate.

  20. i keep on getting notifications about my players been unhappy because of "individual training workload" how do i reduce it?

  21. How are the key stats being highlighted … I can see on ur videos the highlight stats of players/coaches are highlighted in different colours.. Do I need to install something

  22. hello,one question is it worth using assistant's advice for match preaparation with each opponent?And how can i make the players more familiar with my tactics faster? Only by increasing match preperation?

  23. Hi!! Kindly guide us on player traits on training. Cos whenever i ask my coach to train my player some traits they usually tell me this training its not suit for my players. Please kindly make us a video regarding Player traits. Thank you…

  24. Hey mate, great video….

    Seems every save I always struggle in the middle of the second season, on an awful losing streak, can't score, can't defend, low morale. Not really changed anything apart from a couple of players.

  25. Having just come to FM17 from FM15 I'm very grateful for this video I was completely lost with some of the changes and this video helped a huge amount.

  26. Very Helpful video. Has answered all the questions i had on this section of the game 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  27. I'm new to football manager so this was very helpful. I clarified a great deal about how training works.

  28. Does the happiness of the players affect their training? So if they complain about too high workload, should i not train them individually, or that doesn't really matter?

    Also why could that happen, that a 17-18 year old 5 star potential player doesn't get any increase in his attributes over long periods of time? He was playing in the first team, wasn't injured that much. Any tips how to avoid that?

  29. Thank you for these awesome tips………. I have started a new save and things are looking much better for me :)

  30. Good video, some good tips there.

    Is there any benefit in rotating the training from week to week or fortnight to fortnight, eg focus on attacking one period, then defending the next, so that all players at least get some improvement in the areas which concern them?

    I noticed a few years back, when I hadn't done much defending training, my defenders were giving away stupid fouls and penalties, and seemed to improve once I'd switched the training to focus on defending. So maybe the training should be based on what you observe in games…eg not attacking enough, so focus on attacking, dribbling sucks, so focus on ball control, and so forth. In recent times I keep hearing it doesn't work this way though. Has SI ever come out with a definite explanation?

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