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Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson

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Kunjungi untuk mendapatkan seluruh perpustakaan kami tentang TED Talks, transkrip, terjemahan, rekomendasi pembicaraan yang dipersonalisasi, dan banyak lagi. Sir Ken Robinson membuat kasus yang menghibur dan sangat menyentuh untuk menciptakan sistem pendidikan yang memelihara (bukan melemahkan) kreativitas. Saluran TED Talks menampilkan pembicaraan dan pertunjukan terbaik dari Konferensi TED, di mana para pemikir dan pelaku terkemuka dunia memberikan ceramah tentang hidup mereka dalam 18 menit (atau kurang). Cari ceramah tentang Teknologi, Hiburan, dan Desain — plus sains, bisnis, isu global, seni, dan banyak lagi. Anda dipersilakan untuk menautkan atau menyematkan video ini, meneruskannya ke orang lain, dan berbagi ide ini dengan orang yang Anda kenal. Ikuti TED di Twitter: Sukai TED di Facebook: Berlangganan ke saluran kami: Video TED dapat digunakan untuk tujuan non-komersial di bawah Lisensi Creative Commons, Atribusi–Non Komersial–Tanpa Turunan (atau CC BY – NC – ND 4.0 Internasional) dan sesuai dengan Kebijakan Penggunaan TED Talks kami ( Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang penggunaan TED untuk tujuan komersial (misalnya pembelajaran karyawan, dalam film atau kursus online), silakan kirimkan Permintaan Media di ..

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  1. It's ironic. I think it's the paradox of education. Education is aimed at nurturing future talent, but present education is burying children's talents rather than discovering them.

  2. I will continue to watch this over and over and over again and recommend it to others for the rest of my life. It will always be relevant and enjoyable. You live on sir Ken

  3. Schools kill creativity because teachers are given a curriculum from the district to teach those things throughout the year so yes school kills creativity because of a curriculum

  4. I started kindergarten the year he gave this talk, so the kids that he mentioned as “entering school this year” just graduated high school. Time flies

  5. The biggest problem in temporary education is that it does not answer to developmental needs of the children, learning through play, respect of their rights and voices. School needs to draw on the opportunity that it accumulates all the children at once on a school day to let them socialising, exercise their freedoms and rights, cooperating and learning how to create healthy relationships, sense of belonging and community.

  6. Schools do not kill creativity; they simply don't encourage it. The same could be said of most businesses. Institutions are created to serve the average — the average student in school, the average employee at work. The creative individual is by definition exceptional, a round peg in a square hole.

    The good news is that creative people are also highly intelligent and learn how to negotiate the maze, even with little encouragement or guidance. Students with real abilities excel outside the walls of the school by entering writing, art, and scientific competitions on their own and demonstrating talents no school can teach. Or by working after school. Or by developing a small business. It is probable that superior students would excel without formal schooling after age 14 or so. Many famous men and women did.

    Even today, the very best students are autodidacts who teach themselves skills and disciplines beyond the scope of the ordinary school. What exceptionally talented children need more than teachers are mentors, people who already excel in the relevant field. Michaelangelo, Da Vince, Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller had limited formal schooling, but did have worthy mentors. Thanks to the teachers' union, there are very few teachers who excel at anything; they aren't qualified to be mentors. Which suggests we should devise better ways of educating superior students and developing their special gifts. Making them spend eight hours a day imprisoned in an institution is decidedly not the best way to do it.

  7. US Universities are a joke. The do not teach skills necessary to survive in this job market. Universities are a money making operation for banks, Wall Street investors, corporate owned Donors. All the while, more people are being educated in Africa, China, and India than st anytime in modern history.

  8. I have been rejoicing ever since I got rid of my genital herpes with the herbs supplement I ordered from Dr. IGUDIA on YouTube. God almighty continue to bless you sir

  9. This was posted about 14 years ago and absolutely nothing has changed… except we've doubled-down on killing creativity and making people get educated. BTW, Einstein hated uni.

  10. The Gillian Lynne story brought chill thru me. How many of our wonderful children are wasted because we the adults mistakenly think we know best.

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