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Din Tai Fung(鼎泰豐) Taipei 101 Review – Taiwan | Informasi tentang restoran terbaik

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Din Tai Fung(鼎泰豐) Taipei 101 Review – Taiwan | Mensintesis informasi tentang restoran terbaik

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Din Tai Fung(鼎泰豐) Taipei 101 Review – Taiwan

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Inilah pendapat saya tentang Din Tai Fung(鼎泰豐) di Taipei 101 Taiwan Lihat Vlog saya: Berlangganan untuk lebih banyak video tentang makanan! IKUTI SAYA DI MEDIA SOSIAL!↓★ Facebook Show Page: Facebook Mike Fan Page: Instagram: Twitter: Vine: Snapchat: Mikeychenx Periscope: Mikexingchen Dapatkan tiket pertunjukan terbaik di dunia!!! ..

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din tai fung รีวิว

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  1. All of those servings in Taiwan are smaller than at the Din Tai Fun's in LA. And for good or ill, the USA is amazing for absorbing cultures and cuisines. There is a Din Tai Fun in Arcadia CA. just a few blocks from where I grew up – and a quarter of the the wait staff are young white kids, and they are learning Chinese and committed to the cuisine and the culture. I think that is amazing. When I was young in the 1970s, those same white kids were working at the bowling alley.

  2. I’ve often craved dim sum or chow food when I watch his videos but no place I know of in the Boston area have cart service now and due to transportation issues, especially now when it is snowing and they are predicting up to a foot of snow, I’m not traveling really far for takeout and have to wait an hour or more outside to bring it home to eat.

  3. Honestly, the way you eat soup dumplings makes you a questionable reviewer of them. To each his own, but if you eat something different from how everyone else does, how it tastes to you won't be the same as others. For instance, if you like to eat your spaghetti noodles and sauce separately, or your fried chicken without the skin, you'll probably like different stuff than other people do.

  4. Din Tai Fung is a Taiwanese staple. And yes, I was very impressed with the services at the Taipei 101 branch. Excellent management and fully representative of the Taiwanese people's courtesy :)

  5. @Strictly Dumpling
    Hi Mike I also did try out the Din Tai Fung in L.A 1st times and then 2nd times in San Jose location at Westfield Valley Fair, but the food were tease great and I love it.

  6. I was just there a couple of days ago and I would agree that it's just ok. For a michelin star you're paying extra for the service as much as the food. I had some amazing meals in Taipei for half of the price.

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