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Billiard Tutorial: How to change your pool cloth!!! | Places menawarkan berita yang paling bermanfaat

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Billiard Tutorial: How to change your pool cloth!!! | Tempat melihat kiat-kiat yang berguna.

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Billiard Tutorial: How to change your pool cloth!!!
Billiard Tutorial: How to change your pool cloth!!!

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Watch this tutorial and you’ll be comfortable replacing pool table cloth saving you hundreds of dollars!

For more information, check out this associated article with more tips and helpful links:

Do it yourself guide for changing the felt on a pool table. This detailed, step-by-step, instructional video shows how the professionals recover pool tables while providing numerous helpful pointers. You’ll learn the proper way to remove old cloth, prep the pool table, cut and wrap rails and lay the bed cloth.

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  1. Lol why would you record the professional as a diy demonstration and then only share the unimportant parts of him actually doing it. Then put crappy digital renderings in instead of showing him do the work, THEN put music over the top of all him speaking so we can’t even hear the advice he’s giving. What a s*** video man.

  2. Thanks for uploading the video. After watching the video for 2 min, I knew I had to give up the idea to change the cloth myself and hire a professional to do it for my house.

  3. It's nice to learn this, but this looks like something I don't trust myself doing, because I might mess something up, and then I'll REALLY be pissed. If I ever need this done, I'll hire a professional.

  4. You'll actually get the bed much tighter by not cutting the holes for the bolts/screws first. When you go to put the screws in the holes it actually pushes the felt down before the screws go though the felt in the holes. In turn tightening the felt just a little bit more. Just that little bit of stretch isnt alot with just one but when you add them all together it ends up being a fairly substantial amount of stretch making it that much tighter….and saves ya a little time cuz you dont have to cut them.

  5. Thanks for at least mentioning how to place the holes in the felt for the rail bolts to go through. I was afraid to simply cut a cross as it may split. Your video is the only one I found with this particular detail. Thanks! My table looks great!

  6. Why did you pick Gray ? I have 860 Simonis Gray cloth, I am using a brush and the Simonis X-1 for cleaning. Now I actually regret the choice. The chalk residue is very pronounced. I have tried Masters Gray, the Kamui 1.21 in Slate, Predator Blue and Blue Diamond World, finally settling on Kamui Roku (which is a blueish turquoise). I was thinking when I put new cloth on my table I would try to match the chalk. Hence my question to you, why gray? Or better yet, next video show everyone how you or your staff keep it clean, you must be using quite a bit of chalk to control the cue ball as much as you do. Thanks, looking forward to your reply.

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