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Barry Schwartz: Our loss of wisdom

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Barry Schwartz makes a passionate call for practical wisdom as an antidote to a society gone mad with bureaucracy. He argues powerfully …. Semoga info yang kami berikan tentang topic กฎ ระเบียบ บริษัท สําคัญ มาก ๆ akan lebih berharga untuk Anda. Terima kasih banyak.

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กฎ ระเบียบ บริษัท สําคัญ มาก ๆ


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  1. This from a guy that doesn't want you to be able to choose from a million different things but only from a couple of curated, already distilled, things that someone else chose.

  2. Provocative, inspiring and a great eye opener to see things from different perspective. Amazing – Loved the wisdom shared thing this talk. Kudos!!!!

  3. The spirit of the law should prevale the letter of the law – and this comes from Jesus – with regards of the lemonade issue.As for Bill Gates, I suppose his level of knowledge exeeded the one of the of the school he abandoned, so his level of whisdom incresed by that. Similar, young Chopin, advised by his former piano teacher who obviosly knew him well, did not enroll to music academy in Paris, cultivating thus his originality, which turned into genious.

  4. At the turn of the 20th Century, Philosophy was as academically rigorous as Mathematics and any field of Science today you can point to – in fact, Philosophy defined the very rules of every Science that we use today. BUT, Philosophy has an even greater claim – not only was it of high academic rigor, not only did it set the rules for science with which we use today, but every discipline separate from Philosophy was borne out of Philosophy.

    At the turn of the 20th C. it was one of the highest esteemed disciplines in Academia. The vestiges are still present in the older Fortune 500 CEOs in America. This is why the expected return on a Philosophy degree is oddly inflated.

    Philosophy held high esteem through the 50s and arguably into the 60s; indeed, A.I. was used to be only relegated to Philosophy departments up until the last 10-15 years. But after the counter Culture movement injected Eastern Religions into the discipline, and after the Continental European Philosophy became so far beyond the reach of most Academics, and with institutionalized mediocrity starting with Reagan and carried through to Bush II, Philosophy had been systematically and, at times, purposefully ripped apart, and it has damaged American Academia to a level unprecedented.

    Today, Philosophy is just as rigorous, it is immensely difficult, but the anti-intellectualism that has been taken over the last several decades of American education treats Philosophy as a joke, something to be lampooned.

    But Ethics, Epistemology, Ontology, and Metaphysics – lampoon them all you want. It doesn't matter anymore. I am a Philosopher and I will not help with the absolute insane situation that has been created in America; I doubt any real Philosopher would after all that's happened. So how did you lose wisdom? The Love of Wisdom (Philosophy) was rejected and shunned by hate of wisdom. And now America has to move forward with that choice. So don't complain about the absurd ideas that are everywhere, the loss of wisdom – cause you fucking deserve it. And I'll enjoy pushing absurdities onto other absurdities, leading people in insane directions because we Philosophers hold the keys to rationalism and can enter into any discourse with which we created. So, you ask for wisdom now, but you've been begging for insanity for much much longer. As a Philosopher, I will deliver upon each request as it was received.

    American society has no right to complain.

  5. Prophets of every Faith are teachers of wisdom… "The aim of the prophet of God is to raise man to the degree of knowledge of his potentiality and to illumine him through the light of the kingdom, to transform ignorance into wisdom, injustice into justice, error into knowledge, cruelty into affection and incapability into progress." – Abdu’l-Baha

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