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Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan | Full Guide | Credit Cards & Sweet Spots | Adat Indonesia

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Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan | Full Guide | Credit Cards & Sweet Spots | Kiat untuk Anda.

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Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan | Full Guide | Credit Cards & Sweet Spots
Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan | Full Guide | Credit Cards & Sweet Spots

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Mileage Plan Alaska Airlines adalah salah satu program frequent flyer yang paling berguna untuk bepergian dengan kabin premium. Program ini menawarkan banyak cara mudah untuk memperoleh miles, tarif penukaran yang menarik untuk penerbangan premium ke Asia yang termasuk yang terendah di industri, dan banyak mitra maskapai penerbangan termasuk banyak yang terbaik di dunia. Dalam video ini, kami akan membahas semua yang perlu Anda ketahui tentang mendapatkan dan menukarkan mil Alaska, mulai dari kartu kredit merek bersama hingga penukaran yang paling menarik. Kami bahkan akan melihat lebih dalam pada strategi kartu kredit khusus yang unik untuk MBNA, penerbit kartu di Kanada, serta bagaimana Anda sebenarnya harus mencari dan memesan penukaran bernilai terbaik seperti kelas bisnis dan penerbangan Kelas Satu di Cathay Pacific dan Japan Airlines. Panduan program lengkap untuk Rencana Jarak Tempuh Alaska Airlines: Jika Anda baru mengenal hal ini, baca ini: Lebih banyak konten untuk keliling dunia tentang poin: Bergabunglah dengan grup Prince of Travel Elites saya di Facebook! Ikuti saya untuk pembaruan :.. Semoga pengetahuan yang kami berikan tentang konten alaska mileage plan akan Berguna untuk Anda. Terima kasih banyak.

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alaska mileage plan

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  1. Hi, i'm trying to search for flight from Toronto to HK a year from now with Cathay Pacific first class, i went on British Avios website and Quantas website, none of them shows Cathay Pacific, any other way to search ?

  2. Are the miles actually worth mile to mile? As in 20,000 mile points convert to actually being able to use them and travel actually 20,000 miles?

  3. Very good video on Alaska program. I have used Cathay and Japan airlines and using the stop over. Some of the best redemptions there are. Best way to get Alaska miles long term in the US is the Amex Marriott Business card. 4x Bonvoy on eating out, Gas and cell Phone bill. Wish Bonvoy CC had a grocery category on one of their credit cards.

  4. Hey Ricky, what about the companion pass that I see on their website, is that good for any flight?

  5. I’m based in France, what is the best loyalty program ? I travel long haul 3 or 4 times a year

  6. I have this card, but when I try to use Quantas to look for rewards flights, it asks me for my membership number and PIN. How do you get a PIN to see the awards flights on Quantas?

  7. Do you think that not cancelling this card and instead just buying Alaska miles from the programme as you stated would also be worthwhile?

  8. why do we have to use british airways website or qantas to find flights? why can't we just go directly to cathay pacific's website to find the flights?

  9. This video is PURE GOLD! Not even because you explain well everything I already knew about AK, but 1 phrase you will never guess you dropped on the way haha

  10. I have a video request, can you do the most valuable ways to redeem to each continent/ location without using aeroplan? Like which airlines points to use to europe, which ones to use for middle east etc. etc. all in premium cabins? Like doing the top airline to redeem with for each zone. Thanks.

  11. Just a question, why can't we search for award space on cathay straight from the specific airline itself. I've seen this often, where another site is used to search for award space. Why is it so and how do you know which other airline site to use? Is it usually any partner airline?

  12. How do you search for availability on Cathay pacific from Hong Kong to Cape Town? I called Alaska and they can only search for Cathay pacific from Seattle to HKG but not going forward to cape town on the same itinerary.

  13. Korean air is actually cheaper to southeast Asia than JAL at 60k points vs 65k but you have to book round trip and JAL seems to have more availability. Also Alaska now allows redemption on Singapore bit at a pretty high rate.

  14. Please make videos on how to redeem AsiaMiles, Avianca and American miles. Love your channel🤩

  15. I hacked the sh***t out of Mileage Plan during their full integration with American Airlines seat inventory. Now it's gone to crap, but it was fun while it lasted.
    – Red

  16. I like to redeem business class on Korean to Asia but the downside is that you have to book round trip, as you know they charge the same miles as one way.

  17. Does Alaska Airline's Mileage Plan program have gotchya's to watch out for, like Aeroplan's 12 month non-activity rule that expires your points?

  18. Hey Ricky, your example of Vancouver – HK – South Africa, are we able to do that flight and stopover in First Class? You mentioned First Class was 70,000 points 1 way but said 'Business Class' when you quoted your example itinerary. That seems like an awesome itinerary if possible on First Class. 140,000 Asia Miles seems more worthwhile than 215,000 Aeroplan miles when transferring from AMEX.

  19. What is the recommended churn cycle for this card? Hold for 6m, close, and reapply after 3m?

  20. Thanks for sharing cathay pacific first class hong kong to south Africa.
    Cape town is the most beautiful city in this world.

  21. Hey Ricky, love ur videos. I have a question, when I meet the minimum spend and receive the points, what happens to the points after I cancel my card. Do the points dissapear when I cancel the card?

  22. Thank you again Ricky ! Rotate the Alaska Product every 6 months, does that sound about right ? Apply right after a cancel , or wait a few days ? Thanks !

  23. I noticed the Alaska award chart says you can book Qantas first class from Canada to Australia for 70k miles as well, but I've never heard you mention it before. Am I missing something?

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