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2021 DMV Written Test (Permit Exam for Driver's License)
2021 DMV Written Test (Permit Exam for Driver's License)

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2021 DMV Written Test (Permit Exam for Drivers License)

Welcome to another new video of our channel. Thank you so much to all our subscribers and all those that chose our videos to learn. This is a multiple choice test of the DMV Written Test that covers road signs, road rules and traffic laws. This practice test will prepare you for the DMV permit exam. Our goal is for you to obtain the driver’s license and begin driving as soon as possible. Good luck on your test.

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  1. I pass my test today I’m ‘SUPER EXCITED’ 🙌🏽👍🏽thanks drivingtv I’m proud of myself & thanks for you platform for helping me i was reading the handbook and watching yll videos I really appreciate ❤️

  2. I just did my written test today in California, many of the questions from this video were either the same or slight variations, plus a few ones not mentioned but extremely easy to answer anyway. I failed one question, apparently you can legally turn on your headlights up to 30 minutes after sunset. The computer test flags all the wrong answers (if any) right on the spot so you can count the mistakes you make in real time. You can also skip 3 questions for free. This test is really easy if you read the DMV manual and this video at least once, as it covers enough material (if not all). I saw other videos on youtube but they were not even close to the real test, at least for mid 2021, just stick to the dmv manual and this video.

  3. I know all questions and really I didn't know what is I read handbook but some questions there is not on handbook or on online practiced test that's what I didn't understood they checked the testing or not because I saw some people just they 28 and they passed

  4. I went took that's test exam writing the first time I got 29 I failed and second time 31 I field and the threat I got 33 answered and I didn't passed please can anyone explaining to me how much questions you have to got for you pass that exam writing test please and I need that's driver license

  5. hello everybody what i didnt understood people past on test i got 33 answers i didnt past they said to me you have to got 40 anyone can give any adeas to pass the text please

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