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10 Things You MUST DO When You Get the AMEX PLATINUM | Pengetahuan tentang budaya

Anda sedang mencari topik amex platinum kan? akan memperkenalkan Anda pada topik 10 Things You MUST DO When You Get the AMEX PLATINUM di artikel berikut. Lihat artikel ini sekarang.

10 Things You MUST DO When You Get the AMEX PLATINUM | Pengetahuan yang berguna.

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10 Things You MUST DO When You Get the AMEX PLATINUM
10 Things You MUST DO When You Get the AMEX PLATINUM

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Lihat MaxRewards: GUNAKAN KODE: shifu Pelajari lebih lanjut tentang Amex Platinum: Klik “tampilkan lebih banyak” untuk pengungkapan iklan Dompet Kredit Shifu: Seperti Kredit Shifu di FACEBOOK: Dalam video ini kami berbicara tentang semua hal yang perlu Anda lakukan ketika Anda mendapatkan Kartu kredit Amex Platinum dari American Express. Hal-hal seperti mengaktifkan semua kredit, seperti Kredit Uber, Kredit Saks dan juga pengajuan keanggotaan lounge Pilihan Pas Prioritas Anda. Banyak dari hal-hal ini yang harus Anda aktifkan, jadi jangan lupa. LAGU DARI OUTRO Track: Halcyon & Valentina Franco – Runaway (Heuse Remix) [NCS Release] Musik disediakan oleh NoCopyrightSounds. Tonton: Download / Streaming Gratis: CATATAN: Konten dalam video ini akurat pada tanggal posting. Beberapa penawaran yang disebutkan mungkin tidak lagi tersedia. Pengungkapan Pengiklan: Situs ini adalah bagian dari jaringan penjualan afiliasi dan menerima kompensasi untuk mengirimkan lalu lintas ke situs mitra, seperti Kompensasi ini dapat memengaruhi bagaimana dan di mana tautan muncul di situs ini. Situs ini tidak mencakup semua perusahaan keuangan atau semua penawaran keuangan yang tersedia. .. Semoga info yang kami berikan tentang konten amex platinum akan membawa banyak nilai untuk Anda. Terima kasih banyak.

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  1. I just applied for my first platinum Amex and I got the 125K offer, Sick!!! Does anyone know if Ralph’s qualifies for a supermarket for grocery store points?

  2. One key benefit to mention about with AMEX Platinum is that you get 10x the points for gas and groceries of up to $15K.

  3. I wan to try this Mattitott…seriously though, the AP offers so much it feels like you have a cheat code in your wallet because there's always something you can get some benefit from when you do almost anything. The PayPal credit feels like a throwin and puts what most other cards consider their best to shame. Best $550 I ever spent

  4. Even if I was rich, I wouldn't get the centurion black card lol at least for me. I'm tryna have the banks pay me, not the other way around 🤣

  5. I’ve been watching your videos for over a year, and am quite surprised to hear that you only just got the Amex Platinum

  6. None of these benefits apply to the Canadian version of the AMEX platinum. That's why I'm dumping it.

  7. "I don't want to get on a plane" takes flight to UK love ya but thought this was worth a meme

  8. Amex right now is offering 100k with 5k spend in 6 months and 10x on gas stations and supper markets, up to $15k for first 6 months. That's a potential 250k sign on bonus. lucky for me i spend 4-5k a month on fuel!!

  9. Only Schwab

    Schwab Appreciation Bonus

    Invest with Rewards

    Platinum Service (Maybe the same as Platinum Card Concierge)

    Only Personal

    Platinum Card Concierge (Maybe the same as Platinum Service)

    Car Rental Privileges

    Departures Magazine

  10. I'd double check the car rental memberships. I thought the car rental status was one of the features that you get on the personal plat but not on the Schwab Plat. Also I don't think you get the departures magazine with the Schwab version nor the baggage insurance.

  11. Hi Ben, I was surprise to hear that you cannot go to admiral club from AA, with the platinum card, what do you need to get access to that lounge, just status ?

  12. I finally didn't get the pop up so got the Platinum recently so this is a very timely video. Though when I go to the Centurion lounge I want to bring the box with me and show them that. Though maybe confusing airport workers isn't the best way to make travel smoother.

  13. So does anyone know, with the National rental status, choose any car, price varies by what it we choose? Or set rate for status holders? Do we at least have to book in advance? I just got the Platinum. Always rented the "old fashioned" way. Obviously, gotta try this perk. Thanks for any help!

  14. Hey credit shift, I have the Schwab platinum and I’m not getting the car rental privileges benefit for status, would you know any reason why?

  15. FYI, I tried using the Home Depot benefit. I got 3 items totaling 56 dollars. 1 of the 3 items had a different delivery date. When I checked this morning, I saw that Home Depot had charged me 2x, — they separated the items by delivery date, thus triggering the benefit 2x instead of 1. FYI

  16. 1. Sell your house
    2. Put up ad on Craigslist as an escort
    3. Donate blood 12 times a day
    4. Go grocery shopping in the dumpster behind the grocery store
    5. Wash people's winshields
    6. Turn underwear inside out
    7. Panhandle
    8. Learn to do construction of homes using cardboard
    9. Collect newspapers because toilet paper isn't free
    10. Go to a fancy restaurant. Ask for two free glasses of water. Put free real lemon juice into one glass. Pour free ketchup into other glass and stir. Ask the waiter to heat up your "tomato soup" and have it with your free lemonade along with the free crackers.

  17. You can also pay the remaining Uber Eats (over $15) cost with any other credit card, including the Apple Card which gives you 2% cash back.

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